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Struggling 😢 tww - 5dp5dt

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Just thought I’d hop on as I’m really struggling today. I’m in my tww and had my transfer last Friday.

I was really calm about this transfer (it’s our 4th attempt) but today I’m just riddled with anxiety and hopelessness as I literally feel nothing (our 1st transfer I fell pregnant and had lots of cramping, implantation bleed etc - we had a miscarriage at 7 weeks).

This time I had a tiny bit of cramping on day 2 and 3 but that’s it. I’m really tired but I just feel so low and like it’s failed again.

I know everyone has different symptoms, some have them and some don’t, but it’s just torture waiting and knowing in my heart it feels like my other 2 failed transfers 😢

Is there any hope when you literally don’t feel anything?! I always read people have no symptoms but then they pretty much always have cramping etc.

Sorry for a depressing post!! Xx

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Aww lovely, sorry to hear you're feeling down. SO many people don't have symptoms - not even cramping so please don't compare yourself to others. There is nothing to say that it hasn't worked - you just have to keep the faith! I found in my last 2ww the best thing for me was to not think ahead at all. Literally one day at a

That's exactly how I felt. Tired and just a few cramps on day 3/4.

Keep positive!! I have everything crossed for you ❤️❤️ xxx

Hang in there, we have no reason to believe it didn’t work. This process is Brutal. The best thing to do is everything you can nurture you! Foot bath, hair do, books, shopping. Watch something that relaxes you. I actually went back to work for TWW and I volunteered to do extra projects to keep my occupied. I drove my self insane on my last cycle worrying about stuff out of my control. Sending you love and positive vibes you have all us ladies here cheering and supporting you

Hello my love. Sorry to hear you are struggling and it’s so difficult with past complications. I am with you. 4dp5dt today and I was feeling really light and easy about everything but today am super blue. Sending you love and solidarity. I really think you don’t know until you test. Xxx

So sorry you’re having a hard day, this 2ww is one of the hardest things to do, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy!! There’s so little you can do, and people have no symptoms and get a positive and have loads of symptoms and get a positive and everything in between! Like the other said, take it one day at a time, that’s all I’ve been trying to do. I listen to the mindful IVF app too, that helps a lot. There’s still no easy way to do it I’m afraid, talk to the amazing people on here to help too xxx

Big hugs. The TWW is so hard to go through. But at this moment you are still pregnant until proven otherwise. But it's hard not to stray into negative thoughts x

This whole process is so difficult and the 2ww feels like torture. If you have any hobbies or something you can put that nervous energy into it can really help. I went walking a lot during this 2ww and it really helped my mental health x

Hi lovely, my first transfer failed and I had no symptoms my second transfer I also had no symptoms completely wrote it off very early on and boom BFP. I know it’s so hard and so stressful but until you do the test you are most defo still in! Have everything crossed for you xxx

Ah thanks everyone for your lovely replies. I’m so grateful and I’ve managed to get out the house today and potter round a garden centre 😂 I’m 34 doing on 64 haha.

I’m trying my best to relax but I just find it so hard. I think I just compare everything to my first bfp and so this time just feels like my failed rounds.

I’ll try and chill out a bit!

We’re all so strong going through this so I wish you all the best of luck if you’re still trying!! Xx

If it helps I have had 5 FETs and each time has been different (all BFN except one chemical) - I couldn't tell you what is a positive sign or what isn't!! You just have to keep on going and you will! xx

hey lovely, hope you're doing ok. Just hang in there, you got this xxx

Catlady the my first IVF pregnancy with my daughter 3 years ago I had all the symptoms in the 2WW. Cramps, twinges, boobs, implantation bleeding, shortness of breath. I just ‘knew’ I was pregnant before the test date.

This time, I had zerrroooo symptoms. Not even a twinge on day 2 etc. I was convinced it hadn’t worked as I felt like I knew what to look out for having had success before. I was so sad. I tested half-heartedly knowing it would be a bfn but it was positive! I’m now 15 weeks and all good. Just goes to show that zero symptoms means nothing and all cycles are different.

Hang in there you’re almost there!! Keep us posted x x x

Thank you so much, really kind to share. I’m trying to just ignore everything now and get on with it but I just find the waiting torture and I somehow expect that I should know it’s worked (like I felt the first time!)

Congrats on your pregnancy though, lovely news xx

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HollyT7 in reply to Catlady12345

i just saw this and wanted to send you a hug, I hope the torture feels a little better tomorrow, your one step closer to test day ❤️ take it hour by hour if you have to XXXX

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Catlady12345 in reply to HollyT7

Ah thank you! It already feels better just knowing I’m not alone - everyone is so lovely. Xx

I’m 3dp5dt and so far all I’ve felt is a tiny bit of cramping or like a dull ache a few times but I don’t think my body’s probably recovered from the medication / egg collection yet - we forget what we put our body through leading up to this bit so I really don’t think we can tell at this point! Good luck!!!!!

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Catlady12345 in reply to Ariel24

Good luck to you too 😊 xxx

Sending hugs. I’m 3dp5dt. I’m really working on staying positive this time but it isn’t easy! This is my 6th transfer.

Hey catlady12345,

I didn’t have any symptoms right from day 3 to day 6 I felt the same. The only symptoms I showed were very occasional cramps and right now I have seen my BFP so just hang in there and don’t lose hope. Watch a few series and stuff and just try to keep yourself occupied. All the best! Sending you lots of baby dust😘

Hi love just here for encouragement, I’m currently on the end of my tww my beta is tomorrow. One thing I remind myself is that as of right now until I’m told otherwise I’m pregnant. Enjoy this moment I know it’s like your waiting for the other shoe to drop hit ive had so many miscarriages I’ve literally lost count. Each time I fell pregnant I didn’t have any symptoms. I try to tell myself God brought me this far he will carry me the rest of the way. Best of luck to you ❤️

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