2ww - what did you feel if anything?

I know everyone is different but I was wondering what did people feel during 2ww.

I had a 3 day embryo transfer on Monday and I've not really felt anything. I've sore boobs but had that before ET as I know it's from the progesterone. Today I feel nothing really. Stomach feels empty like nothing going on?! I'm going back to school tomorrow and for rest of 2ww so I'll be busy again and I suppose not over analysing! X

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  • Iv not done Ivf before but iv been pregnant plenty of times naturally 3 days after conceiving naturally you wouldn't really feel anything it would normally be more like 6 days after but I'm not sure how that would go with Ivf

    Got everything crossed for you x

  • Thank you! So praying it works xxx

  • You don't feel much so early on. During my 2ww I had period type cramps and nausea but didn't actually vomit (tmi)

    I've been told the symptoms really kick in later on.

    Wishing you all the best. Do take it easy at work. Xx

  • Thanks Hun. I went in and then sent home at 12. I had no choice apparently!!!! X

  • I didn't feel anything at all during my 2ww. Certainly didn't feel pregnant (though I was and am now just over half way through). Don't think too much into it

  • Trying not to be sooo hard! Thanks xxx

  • Hi allieb21. Good that you're back to school. Keeping busy is the best thing during the 2WW. I think we listen to our bodies too much while waiting - can't be helped. Thinking of you and hope all ends well for you. Diane

  • Hi Diane thanks.

    Yea I went on but was accosted by the CEO head who now knows due to staffing as was told to go home at 12! Had no choice in the matter lol. Nice of her I suppose.

  • Hi allieb21. Well, it's now down to daytime TV I suppose! Diane

  • Well now I have period like dull cramping and lower back pain but am trying not to symptom spot or be negative! Wow 2ww is soooo headwrecking 😬😬😬

  • The back aches and period cramps are normal as long as it's not extreme. Try your hardest and stay positive. Wishing you a BFP. xx

  • During my 2ww, I had period like symptoms (bloating, cramps, sore boobs), kept thinking it didn't work and would come on my period any day, but it did work and I'm now 23 weeks pregnant. Good luck xx

  • Hi hun thanks. I seem to not really have cramping anymore. TBH I don't really have any symptoms. Bit nausea this morning but that could be because I am tired. Am really starting to think it hasn't worked at all but trying to be upbeat x

  • The cramping does come and go and also During the first 2-3 months of pregnancy I felt sick, I was only ever sick once, I was also convinced it hadn't worked, I think we just keep telling ourselves that to protect ourselves. Even now sometimes I still can't believe I'm pregnant and I have to say to myself you have had 3 scans there is definitely a baby in there lol. What date is your test? Xx

  • It's Monday 28th which is 2 weeks since ET but I am going to do a test on the Sunday as to wait till Monday morning and it could be negative will wreck my head and then I have work! Will still do Mondays but will do one Sunday too.

    It's so hard this bit and to try think it's working xx

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