Recurrent Miscarriage Blogger- Success?

Hi, I know some of you may have experienced recurrent miscarriages like I have. I have suffered 8 early losses including chemical pregnancies. I started a blog about this and how I think I managed to reach to 14 weeks this time round and all looking fine. I went through medications, trials , did a lot of research and 'pushed' doctors/specialists for certain medicine I think I needed. This may interest you if you are going through the same thing:

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  • Hi orangepie1, thanks for your post and your interesting blog. Can I ask did you get pregnant naturally this time? Or what did you do differently this time compared to the previous times? Thanks.

  • Hi, yes I got pregnant naturally and have always gotten pregnant naturally just had a problem with miscarrying . This time i took progesterone (just to be safe, they said there's no evidence to show it works but no harm either ) , aspirin low dose daily to help blood flow and levothyroxine. I think the key was the thyroid meds. I could be wrong.... oh and off course folic acid and also taking vitamin d

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