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Recurrent Miscarriage Blogger- Success?

Hi, I know some of you may have experienced recurrent miscarriages like I have. I have suffered 8 early losses including chemical pregnancies. I started a blog about this and how I think I managed to reach to 14 weeks this time round and all looking fine. I went through medications, trials , did a lot of research and 'pushed' doctors/specialists for certain medicine I think I needed. This may interest you if you are going through the same thing: tryingforbaby.org

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Hi orangepie1, thanks for your post and your interesting blog. Can I ask did you get pregnant naturally this time? Or what did you do differently this time compared to the previous times? Thanks.


Hi, yes I got pregnant naturally and have always gotten pregnant naturally just had a problem with miscarrying . This time i took progesterone (just to be safe, they said there's no evidence to show it works but no harm either ) , aspirin low dose daily to help blood flow and levothyroxine. I think the key was the thyroid meds. I could be wrong.... oh and off course folic acid and also taking vitamin d


Hey Orangepie1 , thanks for sharing your experience with everyone through the means of blogs this is a very courageous thing to do and you have no idea how many lives you will be helping by your endeavour, i will surely follow your blogs and join the discussion, finding the people who go through the same problems as ours is so helpful and encourages you to face life bang on!

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My blog domain/web address has expired, I will renew it when I get the chance. You will be happy to know i had success in the end , naturally concieved and i have a 4 month old baby now :)


wow that's amazing i am in for happy endings trust me that encourages people, its sad that it expired, please renew it or share it here i am keen to know your story.


I will do defo!


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