Miscarriage clinic success?

Hi ladies

So I'm in my 2ww! Finally after such a bad first round last year, then followed by more investigations & seeking help from a miscarriage clinic run by Mr Shehata.

Has anyone else had success with NK cell treatment and ivf? First time or second time? What did you learn? Or are you going through it now?

I feel like I no what I'm doing with ivf now but the miscarriage clinic stuff is my first time.

Lots of love x

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  • Hi Nat I’m currently 9dp5dFET and using steroids and progesterone suppositories as recommended by a clinic in Coventry where I was tested for NK Cells. I did get a BFP at 6 and 8 days post transfer (naughty me, testing early!) so I’m waiting to see what happens. This is my third transfer and I have had a positive pregnancy test with each one, so just a waiting game really to see if the steroids will make a difference for us xxxx

  • Thanks so much for your reply. Is comforting to have a response at a time when it's all unknown. Oh gosh it's so tempting to test but I'm resisting. Today is 6dp3dt. Are you doing the fragmin injections as well? I find they sting so much & my tummy is completely bruised.

  • No I’ve not had to do those but I have had them in the past - they are horrible!! Hope the rest of your 2ww passes quickly for you, you’re doing well not testing early xxxxx

  • Yes they are much harder than the stims injection. My tummy looks like a bruised apple, although my tummy is much bigger than an apple! 😂

    Thanks yep so far I have no test in the house! Keeping way clear of them, for today any way! X

  • I had to do them in my legs (well, hubby did as I couldn’t face it!) after operations to remove my tube and then endometriosis. My legs were a right mess so can’t imagine how sore your tummy must be 😢 I still haven’t told my hubby I tested early... think it would only make him worry more, waiting for it to come away like the others have xxx

  • Oh gosh well done doing it in ur leg! I tried that and failed! Went for a fatter surface!

    Yep that's my worry as well, getting positive test and then the dreaded fade. It's so cruel & such a mind field. However for now let's stay positive & no we've both done what we can to help a potential pregnancy. Please keep me posted as I wish u all the best x

  • Yes we are both trying something new aren’t we so got to hope it will make the difference! I definitely will keep you posted, follow me on here and you’ll see my update tomorrow 🤞xxxx

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