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We took a leap of faith and going for donor eggs

So the last time I posted back in September, we just received our disappointing news that my amh was very low (0.68) and my husbands sperm count was under 2 million with bad form. I'm only 34 and my husband is 38

The doc (private clinic) told us that icsi/ivf wouldon't work because the stimulating drugs wouldn't work on me and the cycle would likely be cancelled before egg collection. It has been such a roller coaster of emotions, disbelief and denial. I would never get a chance to use my own eggs as we don't have pots of money to try without nhs funding.

The more you read online the more hope you get that on your next visit to the doctor he might say yes and recommend a go, but this wasn't the case.

Whilst waiting for our nhs appointment we researched all our donor options and narrowed our search to Spain. All the prices seem to be much of a much. We had been recommended some but came across a recommendation online for clinica vistahermosa in Alicante. The international team are either English or speak perfect English and I felt supported from tell first time we emailed and spoke on the phone.

We had a Skype call with the doctor a few weeks later and decided to book an appointment and visit the clinic.

Up until this point there were still loads of questions flying through my mind....What if I accept the donor option and start treatment, then I get my nhs appointment and they say yes to ivf funding with my own eggs.. then it will be too late etc etc... well no need to worry, because the day we flew to spain, we also had our first appointment with our nhs fertility doctor (random or fait? )

The doctor took all doubt away and said that the best option would be donor, but repeated amh just in case it was a major anomaly. THis left us with peace in our hearts and a chosen path.

Our visit to spain was brief (24hrs) but the clinic organised all our transport and even offered to help with accommodation. Our appointment was with the doctor and translator and after a few tests and scans he also confirmed donor was our only option as my chances with ivf would only be 1% as opposed to 50 % with donor. He then perm or fed a quick and painless mock embryo transfer to check it would be ok, and my husband provided a sample to be frozen.

We flew home last night with a full treatment plan and a very large bag full of injections and medication (they even give you a letter for security at the airport to explain why you are carrying liquid and needles). As my period is due, they told me to start meds straight away and they will start looking for the donor. Eek.

So our new journey begins and as soon as we said yes in spain, we had a new positive attitude. This is our path and it will be an exciting journey. Our embryo transfer could even be before Christmas.

I promise the next post won't be as long, but il keep you posted. If anyone is going through the same experience at the moment, it would be good to hear.

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Oh wow sorry to hear about your amh- must have so difficult to make that decision x 50% is great odds x Not in the same position ( I have PCO and I'm on round 2 of clomid- awaiting my period which is late) x I do wish you the very best and hope the treatment is successful x Look forward to hearing your updates x x x


That's amazing so happy that you feel positive and happy with your decision. Good Luck xxx


Best of luck for your cycle xx


I hope DE brings you your baby. I found The Donor Conception website helpful when we were making the decision to use or not use DE. We were given 40% chance of success, sadly another BFN, but it has worked for other ladies & hopefully it'll work for you.


Wishing you lots of luck. We re planning on booking a cycle with donor eggs probably in Cyprus. Hoping to get it done by Christmas too. My amh was 4.8 but I only got 1 egg on my icsi cycle

so won't get another nhs cycle xx


Your story is inspiring to those considering this option.. please keep us posted and good luck xxx


Am following your journey with interest Hun, exciting times ahead for you xxx


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