Going abroad for own egg ivf?

Has anyone done this, do you have any feedback good or bad? Looking at Czech or Poland probably. I'm 40 in February and still above 30 bmi, losing weight slowly and doing gym classes daily but it looks like I won't get below the bmi restriction before I'm too old. Could only afford one ivf in the UK, looks like I might stretch to three in Europe.

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  • A few friends of mine fell pregnant at Inv**cta (Poland, Gdansk). Have been happy with treatment, prices and service. Good luck with yr search x

  • Thanks

  • I'm just looking in2 this at the moment-if I find anything good I'll let u know x

  • Have you ever considered going to Ukraine? If you don't have enough money for more than one ivf, in Ukraine I have been to a clinic where they have different types of contracts like for 1, 2 or even 5 attempts. The last one even has the option of refunding your money in case you don't get your bfp from the 5th round..

  • Hi sorry to bother you here but what is that clinic you are talking about? Thanks.

  • It was biotex in Ukraine.

    It's nothing, hun!

    Your welcome


  • Hi. As for Poland, I have been getting all of my previous ivf tx here and now as all of them resulted on bfn I am opting for the clinic abroad. don’t know where to even look yet, but I hope to find the clinic to get my forth ivf round done. Actually I have some issues on chromosome level but I wanted to get iv foe really hard so we did have 3 attempts and it was all for nothing. We have spent a lot of money on it and now after not getting anything from the 3 ivf de round I think that maybe there are some better fertility centers abroad but obviously I can’t afford some pricey options..

    So yeah..

  • Hi I've found some info on a few in Czech Republic which offer the chromosome testing on embryos with ivf still less than standard ivf here. Look into GENNET, gest, reprofit. No idea how good they are but fertilityfriends UK have discussion boards of people doing ivf at these clinics

  • if it helps you to take the final decision, we went to Ukraine for donor eggs surrogacy. i liked the country and the level of medicine is high. i had a lot of failed attempts in other countries so I know what I'm talking about. btw, you may find a lot of info on the web, youtube, etc. they don't hide prices for the services (we proceeded with biotexom) they have full board of information on their official web site.

    best of luck to you in your journey and hopefully - happy parenting soon XX

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