Ivf UK or abroad, experiences, timings, costs with bmi above 35

Hi,background I'm 39 and my one remaining tube is blocked. All other tests are good. My husband is 33 and his tests are all good.

My Bmi is 39 at the moment and I've recently lost 2 stone. I'm with a consultant in Edinburgh but I cant be even referred until I lose another 5 stone, bmi 29, and then they've said waiting time might be several months after that.

I'm obviously trying to lose the weight as fast as possible, but it's taking a while. I'm concerned that the longer we wait, the less chance of success with my own eggs.

I've heard of people having ivf privately with higher bmi than 29, which I've been told I need to get to before my first appointment.

Does anyone have experience or information about places in Scotland, rest of UK or even Europe where a higher bmi of 35-38 would be accepted, in a woman approaching 40, for own egg ivf? We are not interested in donor eggs.

Does anyone have experience they can share of how long referral etc took, what the costs were, how many trips you had to make for a cycle and any other useful information. Any information would be really appreciated.

Would prefer to stay in UK, but have heard good stories on the grapevine from some older women going abroad.


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  • hello firstly well done on the 2 stone I know how hard it is! Im having treatment in Cyprus and there is no limit of BMI x

  • Thanks for the info. How many trips are you making and how long do you stay each time?

  • It's only one trip 7 days second day egg fertilisation then 5 days later transfer x