Conception Vitamins/ Pregnancy Vitamins AGHHH!! - Help Appreciated

Ok guys so I'm going through tests at the moment regarding my sporadic and mostly elusive ovulation and I've been advised to take some vitamins, the problem is there are very few conception vitamins on the market and I've no idea what im looking for other than folic acid (An I eat a lot of marmite for that).

Anyone know the different between conception vitamins and pregnancy vitamins because reading a couple of packets I cant see any difference!!!

WAHHHHH Help appreciated

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  • Hahaha yes it is a bit complicated isn't it! I'm taking conception vitamins now because that's what's written on the packet... I have no idea what the actual difference is!! You could ask your clinic the main difference, maybe we need less of some vitamins when we're pregnant and more of some others? I have no idea but Tesco usually have them on 3 for 2 if that helps :) x x x

  • Hi =, im taking pregnacare conception they have a lot of vitamins in that you need to conceive and also has the recommended about of Folic Acid. the tablet are huge tho so i have to crush them. also Seven Sea trying for a baby are a smaller tablet and have the recommended amount of vitamins, xxx

  • I was reccomended proxeed for women by my clinic. It's expensivebut it seems to be good. I take an extra folic acid every other day just to build that up to rda as well. In reality though vit d and folic acid is all you really need xxxx everything is always so over complicated in this whole process!!!

  • I have no idea of the differences between thd packets- maybe as mommabear16 says ask the clinic- they might be able to advise you better on that front,

    I take boots conception vitamins - as they are a bit cheaper than a branded version!! When you d been trying a while don't want to spend out too much 😜I put my hubby on wellman conception vitamins- mainly Coz it's impossible to find a unbranded version!

    Good luck with everything x

  • I take something called Elevit. Some of the others I've tried tasted disgusting and kept repeating on me. x

  • Boots chemist have it all. Pretty and post both for him and her💕

  • Hi OriginalFlick. My advice to you would be get a good quality pre-conception vitamin tablet. You will find that they contain the correct amount of Folic Acid that you need too. Good that you eat food containing it, but is is so important that you have an adequate supply. I don't have to tell you that a sensible diet too will help. Good luck with it all! Diane

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