Hi girls, just thought id come on here just to get some things off my chest.. my sisters just given birth too my little niece this morning, throughout the pregnancy and her labour i have been so excited about her arrival, and when i received photos of her this morning ive never been so happy but sad at the same time, i just burst out crying thinking this might not ever be me. I absolutely hate the fact that infertility has not only took over my life but its also taken away the excitement that i should be feeling for when babies come into the family :(, has anyone else been in a similar situation? how did you get through it with a smile on your face? im so so sad at this moment and it should be a happy time :( xxx

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  • Hey Katie,

    It's so tough isn't it? Last year I fell pregnant naturally although miscarried at 7 weeks and both my sisters were pregnant also. There was only a few weeks between me and one of my sisters and a few months between me and my other sister. When they went on to give birth to their babies I found it so hard. Of course I was happy for them but it's hard to see people get what you want!

    I just put a brave face on it to be honest, although I felt sad I tried to not show it.

    It's so normal to feel like that I think with everything we're going through.

    Just try to stay as positive as you can and try to believe that you'll get your baby one day soon too 😊


  • Hi Katie. I sympathise completely. My twin sister fell pregnant a couple of years ago just when we found out we couldn't have children naturally. I was gutted and will be honest I was horrible to her throughout the entire pregnancy and couldn't even look at the scan pictures. I couldn't understand how she could fall pregnant so easily when we were struggling so much.

    When my niece was born I was overjoyed but like you, sad too. I'm happy to say it does get easier and I can't imagine life without my niece now. My sisters been really supportive throughout it all.

    Just try to remain positive, it will be you soon I'm sure. And just think of all the practice and fun you can have with your niece.

    Good luck xxx

  • Thank you for leaving your comments, coming on here helps me to pick myself back up knowing people have been in similar situations :/ its just awful the fact they got it so easy and you have to go through so much shit to achieve a pregnancy IF your lucky! i start stimming tomorrow so i have 11 more days left, im counting down the days because im an emotional wreck at the minute xxxx

  • Hi Katie I've been in a similar situation, my sister and two of my cousins were pregnant at the same time as me a couple of years back, ours ended in mc at 7 weeks and they all went on to have healthy babies. This completely broke my heart and changed me as a person which is really sad. I was glad my nephew was healthy but I don't feel the same about him as I do about my older nephew. That's the thing about infertility, it robs us of who we are as a person and I wonder if I'll ever get back to feeling like myself again. I've just come from my follow up appointment after our third mc so we have a plan now for next steps but it just feels like one problem after another xxx

  • Hi Sprinkles86, thank you for making me feel a bit better, it sounds like youve went through a horrendous time, finally getting that BFP then it being snatched away from you, that must of been really hard to deal with! i hope your app when good and everything goes to plan to get you your baby xxxx

  • You're not alone .... i have so many friends who are pregnant - on some days I am happy for them and full of positive thoughts but on some days I feel so angry and bitter because they got pregnant at the click of a finger and we have to do everything we possibly can and still no baby! It's good to know we are all in it together!! x

  • I feel exactly the same right now 😭 lots of love, stay strong X

  • Thank you everybody xxxxxxx

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