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A few of you may remember reading my last message about the complaint I made to my clinic regarding my treatment for when I had a donor egg and sperm and that I wasn't satisfied with the results.

Anyway today I had a call to say; that generally only 50% of any embryos are frozen due to their strict criteria. The egg and sperm donor met the requirements when they signed up so I guess they are saying that it was just unfortunate - yes at £7000 spent on it!

However, they did offer to refund the medication that I didn't use and will pay the postage as well. I guess that is something even if it won't give me that longed for baby that I so desire.

So for now, I'm going to try and get a job, give it a year or so and perhaps have another go but hope to meet someone in the mean time which scares me as I've been hurt many a times (so more heart ache along the way)!

I guess I have to try and pick myself up, however hard it is x

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  • Hey

    You will get through this💕good times don't last forever just as bad times won't💕

  • Thank you - I guess that's a positive statement! Wouldn't it be lovely if the good times did!

    Best Wishes x

  • Totally😘big hugs

  • Wishing you success and happiness with your plans 😀 X

  • Thank you x

  • Big hugs, you will get through those tough days xx

  • Thank you x

  • Hi Distinction, so sorry you didn't get a successful cycle.

    The whole human repro lottery is somewhat loaded against us, eh? Even with young-enough, highly screened eggs and sperm, our chances are 1 in 3... we are hoping for 3rd time lucky, even though my age group get 1 in 6...

    .... Take good care of yourself, and if you decided to give it another go, or if you decide to add to your life on other ways, best wishes. Xx

  • Many thanks x

  • Well done for being brave enough to let them know you werent entirely happy with your plan.Im left with a load of meds also which I think I was ill advised with the one prescription to get everything in 1 go and as i didnt complete the treatment as things did not progress not all of it was used! I neednt have got everything!!

    Sounds like at least u have a plan for now and thats the best way to keep moving forward until u feel ready to try again x

  • Maybe you could speak to your clinic about refunding yours or use it with another clinic!

    My plan is like a mountain and I'm trying to work my way through it.

    Will be in touch again soon x

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