Believe... Dreams can come true

I hope this post isn't insensitive but I just want to share that there always is hope with you all.

We tried for a baby after getting married but was unsuccessful, we went to see the doctor in September 2013 and my hubby had to do a sperm sample and we found out he had sperm in his semen. We got referred to specialist, they lost our details so ended up seeing consultant privately who booked hubby in for op to see if they could get sperm out of testical, 40% chance which was unsuccessful.

The next option was a sperm donor which we agreed to wanted to do and sought counselling. Then came all my tests I had high egg count and was told I likely had PCOS. Started our first IVF cycle October 2014, they only gave me very low doses of eggs so they didn't over stimulate. I ended up with 1 follicle defiantly big enough to have an egg and one a maybe, they recommended we cancel the cycle and start again on different drugs. If no egg which we had 80% chance would still get the next cycle funded so we decided to go ahead with egg collection and got 1 egg. This fertilised with our donor sperm and they did egg transfer day 2, couldn't believe it but we got a BFP and she is now here and 2 days old. I chose not to breast feed to ensure Daddy and Baby bonded, they had skin to skin 5 minutes after she was born after I had a quick cuddle. Even though it felt like a long road to get here it was all worth it and I wish everyone good luck with their journey and that you get your happy ending xxx

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  • Thanks for sharing. In a very similar situation, my husband does produce but very low numbers (last sample had 25 in) so it's been tough. We've decided to try without a donor for now. I hope you don't mind me asking, but how have you both coped with making the decision about a donor? X

  • We didn't have much choice, we wanted a family so to us this option gave us what we wanted. Hubby had some down points through my pregnancy worrying won't look like him etc. first thing midwife said was she looked like him bless xx

  • Congratulations PY987! You must be delighted x

  • Thank you over the moon x

  • Congratulations and thank you for sharing your amazing story. It's so wonderful to hear of success stories against all the odds.

    Best wishes for the future xxx

  • Congratulations xx

  • Congratulations! We're using an egg donor for our 3rd round, it wasn't an easy decision but it will hopefully result in a baby to make us into a family rather than a couple.

  • Good luck, becoming a family is the most amazing feeling. However that baby is made doesn't matter, all that matters is that you love it x

  • Delighted for your IVF journey with happy results. Congratulations xx

  • Lovely story, thanks for sharing.

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