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Hi everyone, just looking for a bit of advice about people’s experiences of acupuncture?

My husband and I have been Ttc for 4 years and are going for our first round of ivf in October. We’ve been told it’s “unexplained infertility” they can’t see that there’s anything wrong with either of us, we’ll get 3 funded rounds so fingers crossed whatever the issue is that’ll resolve it.

I’d read about acupuncture during ivf so went for a consultation over the weekend. They did an assessment, asked me lots of questions, looked at my tongue, took my pulse etc. She told me that I have blood stagnation and Yang deficiency which is the reason that we’ve failed to conceive. She said that ivf won’t work as that won’t resolve these issues. She also said that we need to stop trying for three months while I have acupuncture to make my body healthy enough.

I’m not sure what to make of it. She made a lot of sense in what she said medically: I am cold all the time and have poor circulation (Raynauds syndrome) and I had wondered if this was an influencing factor. She’s also the first person I’ve spoke to who has been able to acknowledge any actual issue.

However I’m not keen to put the ivf off for three months given how long it’s taken us to get this far. The treatment that she’s recommended also comes to more than £500 so there’s also a voice in my head wondering if it’s a sales pitch.

Just wondered if there was anyone else out there in a similar situation or any experience of having a yang deficiency or stagnant blood?

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Hey, I’m quite shocked that an acupuncturist told you that ivf won’t work, it’s not their area of expertise and so they simply don’t know that! I have had acupuncture with a couple of different people, I found the experience ok but I’m not continuing with it. Some people love it and find it helpful, in which case it’s a good thing to do 👍

You have 3 free rounds which is amazing!!!! I would be led by the doctors and fertility experts. All the best for your treatment ❤️ Xx

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MrsTina in reply to AS100

Thank you for your reply, yes I know, I was expecting them to tell me acupuncture was good but I wasn’t expecting them to tell me ivf wasn’t! I think I’m going to give it a go, it can’t hurt?

Best of luck with your journey

Don’t put it off! Get a second opinion from another acupuncturist (preferably a fertility specialist) at least.

I agree! Get a second opinion! I had acupuncture for 3 months prior to my treatment and throughout it and my first round was successful. I obviously can’t put it down to the acupuncture alone, but I feel strongly that it played a part.

I think it is a road worth pursuing, but perhaps with a different acupuncturist!! I certainly wouldn’t put off your treatment x

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MrsTina in reply to PabloVA

Thank you, no we won’t be putting off any treatment. We’ve waited too long! I live in a small town and the next closest acupuncture place is over an hours drive away, so I’ll need to stick with these guys. Fingers crossed it’s as helpful as they tell me it’s going to be!

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PabloVA in reply to MrsTina

All the best with it - I found it very relaxing and helpful with the stress around treatment, it was worthwhile for me just for that alone xx

I wouldn't put anything off just yet, time is precious in this game! Carry on with the ivf and use the acupuncture as support? That said we did delay for 3mo this time to quit booze/sugar to aid our treatment, but that is clinically proven to help. I have used acupuncture a fair bit over the years, but mainly as I find it very relaxing - so good for post egg collection and pre/post transfer. I do think that there is a lot of sense in what she says re blood circulation/blockages (I too suffer with cold feet,legs,bottom!) But I see it as a contribution not a 'cure'. £500 is a lot but only you can decide what's beneficial to you at this time so that you feel you are doing all you can to benefit your success. Best of luck with this round x

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MrsTina in reply to Stepharni

Thank you, yes we won’t be delaying anything and the acupuncturist said she could work with that if that’s what we wanted to do so fingers crossed it’ll be the magic cure!

I wouldn't delay, I went for accupunture before during and after my frozen transfer, she was lovely and was very knowledgable. Maybe try and see another accupunturist for a second opinion x

Hello, don't put it off and get a second opinion from another acupuncturist preferably one that specialises in fertility. My fertility consultant at the clinic suggested my acupuncturist to me and she is amazing. I'll private message you details. Wishing you lots of luck. 3 rounds of IVF is AMAZING! :)

I’d definitely get a second opinion from a fertility therapist. I had reflexology with a fertility specialist throughout ivf.x

I agree, continue with IVF. I am interested if raynaud’s does affect it. I have this too and haven’t conceived and wondered if it played a part but the fertility clinic have never said much about it x

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MrsTina in reply to Ruby26

They didn’t say much to me either but the acupuncturist was very interested in my circulation. She’s given me some herbal remedies (tastes awful) to help with it. I’m not sure yet, it’s only been a week but it does seem to be helping. I’ve tried to read up about the Raynauds and there doesn’t seem to be much research into It in terms of fertility that I can find. Let me know if you come across anything. I’m convinced that it’s related!

My clinic is very anti Chinese medicines (possibly like the herbal remedies your acupuncturist has prescribed) so maybe check with your dr before continuing with those?

Thanks, we’re not due to visit the clinic again for another three weeks and I don’t think I’ll be starting on any hormones for another four or five, so I figured it wouldn’t matter up to then. I’ll make sure to speak to my dr about it before the actual ivf starts. Thanks!

As you have probably gathered from previous replies, being offered 3 rounds of ivf on the NHS is quite rare these days! I went through 3 acupuncturists until I found one I was comfortable with and even then after weekly treatments for a year, and 3 ivf transfers, I still didn’t get pregnant. However, there are people on here who have had Acupuncture and believe it really helped them. But I would listen to your fertility consultant over an acupuncturist and don’t delay. Very best of luck xxx

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MrsTina in reply to 7AVA

Thank you for your response. Yes we are very lucky, I think we just live in the right place, and have the “right” problems. I’m hoping they think that we’re a good case for success! Best of luck with your journey

Hi I have really severe Raynauds too - so bad I was put on some awful medication to try to help force the blood to my hands and feet (which has the fun side effect of making me feel faint) just to be able to get some dexterity back in my hands. I once got minor frostbite from it and I was only in the UK!

I've never heard about it having an effect when TTC. Please can you share of you hear anymore about it's effects? I'd be really curious and really appreciate it x

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MrsTina in reply to LegoBatgirl

The acupuncturist was very interested in my circulation, she talked a lot about blood flow importance with ttc. She’s given me some herbal remedies (tastes awful) to help with it. I’m not sure yet, it’s only been a week but it does seem to be helping, I haven’t had any Raynauds issues this week! . I’ve tried to read up about the Raynauds and there doesn’t seem to be much research into It in terms of fertility that I can find. Let me know if you come across anything. I’m convinced that it’s related!

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LegoBatgirl in reply to MrsTina

Thanks so much for the reply and I'll let you know if I find anything. The only thing I've found in the past is that women with repeated implantation failures tend to have a high correlation with women who have underlying auto-immune disorders (which Raynauds is one). Haven't had a round of IVF yet so I don't have much experience of it yet but I'm hoping that it doesn't cause a problem for either of us x

I had accupunture which I started about 2 months prior, and continued throughout and one after transfer, and she never said anything about not having sex or putting off IVF. She was great and I believe she really understood fertility accupunture. I was lucky and fell pregnant, thankfully. I would speak to someone else but ensure they are knowledgeable about IVF accupunture. Good luck, I think my accupunturist made a difference xx

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MrsTina in reply to Box01

Thank you for your reply. I feel like she knows what she’s talking about. She assumed that I had been referred by a friend as she said that their fertility success rates Were really good (although I’d have liked some verified statistics)!

Hi, I had acupuncture recently as TTC and for the purpose of shrinking fibroids. She two said I was too ‘cold’ (stagnant qi) hence the clots and heavy bleeds I get each month. I initially loved it - it gave me hope - and I bought into a lot of what she said. (About how work stress /diet/ life was also not helping me and body could heal itself in right situation.) However, I think she went a little too far and told me not to have surgery and that children/my current partner were perhaps not part of my life path! She also told me IVF won’t work until I improve my internal environment. I’m in my forties and don’t have time to wait. I went for surgery in early Sept and I was terrified and confused so much by the acupuncturist’s advice and whether it was right or not to ‘cut the body’. it turns out I had multiple fibroids, 2 ovarian cysts and stage 3 endometriosis - I doubt acupuncture alone would have cleared all of that!! I had two months of acupuncture and none of the structures had reduced - although they did see follicles on the second scan not on the first. I’m in a delimma whether to go back myself - as it caused a lot of anguish - as they really don’t like you not following their advice! My consultant gynae says it will not get me pregnant, full stop and is urging me to start IVF in two months. Perhaps you could try alongside ivf for the purpose of covering all angles but don’t let them stop you or get overly bossy ...that’s not their place! Best of luck!! Xxx

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MrsTina in reply to Jazmin222

Thank you, wow it sounds like she really over stepped with some of that advice! I’ve been clear that I am going to crack on with the ivf regardless and she said that was my decision and they would work around it. I’ve now had two rounds of acupuncture and ivf won’t start for another month, so Hoepfully by then I’ll have a handle on the acupuncture and if it’s working/ if I like it. Good luck on your journey x

Hi MrsTina,

Unfortunately I have the same problem. My partner and I have been in Chinese Centre looking for a natural medical support, the therapist checked my tongue and pulse as well and she found me sticky blood and damp body, according her this caused my miscarriages.

My treatment is a diet, avoiding damp food and eat warm all the time ( I was eating lots of salad, juices and smoothies, although are fresh and health isn’t for m case)

She gave me some natural powder to make stronger my immune system and acupuncture.

The treatment is about 3 months but she never told me to stop trying, I have been doing this diet for a month and an half and the damp is disappearing, for me leaving in Wales is not helping me because is very damp.

I trust the Chinese medicine but is expensive. It’s a difficult decision, ask another opinion a professional one.

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MrsTina in reply to Noeps

Thanks for your reply, I’ve been given herbs to drink as well. They taste horrible but are working wonders on my digestive system (tmi)! Good luck on your journey

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