Been told have to freeze all due to ohss...what if the quality is poor again and they don't survive :(

Aaah well, I went to hospital for a check up yesterday and was told that I would need to freeze all the embryos after egg collection.

They gave me an injection for tonight which means they can't be implanted until 2 cycles.

This doctor was an emergency one. My own fictitious was planning to wait till they were out, speak to the biologist and either, implant it freeze.

Now I feel it's all out if my hands :(

Last cycle I was poorly with ohss for over 2 weeks, 16 eggs, 15 fertilised, 4 survived, all group c, 2 implanted without success, 2 died before freezing.

I'm terrified they will all die.

I've been using royal jelly, omega 3, maca and acupuncture to try improve the egg quality.

Please girls, send me positive vibes :(

My egg transfer is on Wednesday.

Anyone else fine a good FET with a BFP?!?!

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  • Sending you so many positive vibes losinghope77. It sounds like if you were poorly last time they are trying to give you the best chance this time by freezing. I'm currently in my 2ww and although it wasn't a FET I have read loads of stories where FETS have resulted in BFP. (I seem to live on Google at the moment)

    On a positive it gives you a little extra time to get yourself ready for them sticking. Lots of pineapple core and Brazil nuts.

    Sending you lots of baby dust. Xxx

  • Aaah I hope so sarahndave :) just so much to do through for nothing

  • Hi Losinghopefast77. Goodness me! You’ve certainly had much heartache and disappointment to endure! However, in my long experience, I do find that successes do happen after such disappointments. Your embryologist will only freeze embryos that he/she feels have a good chance of surviving the process. It’s just such a nightmare not to have any control over all of this, but we must look after you first. You have already been very poorly with OHSS previously, which could make you a candidate for it happening again, so care needs to be observed. As you know that once you are fully over this, you should be in your best condition to do embryo transfer. Do try and remain positive, for I know of many ladies who have been successful after similar nightmares. I think you meant that you were going for egg “collection” today, so by now it will have been done, then its fingers crossed for fertilisation and freezing. Make sure you drink plenty of water and rest when you can afterwards. I will be thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you so much for this. I did the collection today, they only got 8 :( i had an anxiety attack and was sick so they stopped. I'm disappointed in myself but also know that id reached my absolute limit. Now praying that all is OK and my 8 after little fighters :)

  • Hi Losinghopefast77. Well, there you go! Don't be disappointed in yourself - you've done very well. It's never easy to go through egg collection at the best of times, but you've done it. Lets hope all goes well with fertilisation and embryo transfer. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Oops! I forgot! Your little ones may have to be frozen?? If they do, they will be quite safe until you're OK for safe transfer. Diane

  • Hey the extraction was terrible, I had a panic attack and vomited. They managed to get 8 though which is OK and I'm much better today we spoke to the biologist today, 8 out of 8 fertilised but one not viable as 3 sperm got in it! Now praying they will be OK as she said last time the quality wasn't bad as I'd understood, they were great till day 2 then day 3 slowed right down.

    Tomorrow we'll know if they can freeze.

    Please pray :)

  • Hi Losinghopefast77. Many thanks for the update. So sorry to hear that you had such a tough time with the egg collection. However 8 is not bad, OK one didn’t fertilise properly, so you will know by now how the other 7 faired. Do let me know how they got on if you can, and keeping everything crossed – of course! Diane

  • Hey

  • Hey Diane, so far so good :) 4 optimal 2 intermediate all frozen 1 not too clever still in cultivation.

    Better than I could have hoped. Day 2 is good for us it was day 3 they stopped last time. Hoping and praying that in January they defrost well and continue to be able to implant and have a healthy chance. Xx

  • Hi Losinghopefast77. Well, that sounds encouraging. With modern day ways of freezing (vitrification), your little embies stand the best chance of defrosting and multiplying again. So at least they are safe for now. Diane

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