is it normal to bleed or have brown spotting after BFP?

Hello all. I got my BFP on the OTD 9th September (3 days bofore). Yesterday when i cleaned i found the crinone gel with brown color. i have stopped taking all the medicines (doctor had pescribed til friday) since last friday (OTD). Today i got little bit brown discharge and once red too when i wiped. i have not got heavy bleeding yet. Is it normal to get brown discharge or bleeding after BFP? Hi DianeArnold, I want you to response me if you are there and I also want to know u beautiful ladies' experiences if you had gone through it but had successful pregnancy.

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  • Sounds like implantation bleeding stay positive xx

  • Hi! I hope you are feeling OK. I know some of the girls on here have had some light bleeding and then it's stopped. Maybe call your clinic for some reassurance. Good luck xxx

  • I had spotting till around 10wks. Now 30 wks try to stay calm. X

  • thank u for ur lovely words...nw i m bleeding heavily...

  • I am!! I have had spotting of bright red since Sunday night, nothing last night then a bit more this am, I really hate it and feel constantly worried even though I had loads of bleeding with Harrison and he was always fine! I still just can't relax at all, really need that scan now! How is your bleeding today? X

  • We r in the same boat dear Bumpwanted. I also hate it..yesterday I found bleeding with blood clots when I cleaned and it is still bleeding and need a pad though it is not heavy bleeding. I got little bit brown discharge on monday n blood while wiped only..since yesterday it s bleeding little bit more.. I m asked to do blood test on Friday. I wish everything s fine with both of us.

  • Me too HUN! Best of luck for Friday will be thinking of you x

  • Ladies - sorry to hate crash!

    I had very heavy bleeding ( like a period - had to wear pads) when I was 7 weeks pregnant with my now 17 year old son,

    I was convinced I lost the pregnancy and was so happy that he was ok - couldn't quite believe it.

    I know it's scary - but some women do bleed in early pregnancy and have healthy babies.

    My sister also suffered heavy bleeding like me at 5weeks - like me she was told it was a threatened miscarriage -but she didn't lose the pregnancy - had my niece whose nearly 3 years old.

    I wish you both the very best with your upcoming scans and hope you both see your beautiful baby heartbeat- amazing- makes it worthwhile.

    Rest up and take it easy X

  • thank u jess1981 to share ur n ur sistrs's experiences with us...these experinces makes us hope for the healthy baby...tomorw i wil do blood test n wil let u knw the result..i wish everything s ok...since last evening i hv much pain in lower tommy n since last night heavy bleeding...praying to god not to seize my happiness..

  • Thank you for your lovely message xx

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