Brown blood after bfp?

I'm 9dp5dt and have brown blood only when I wipe. It started yesturday afternoon on and off and then again this morning. The pregnancy tests are getting darker in colour. I don't have any pains ect other the feeling off af arriving which I have had since transfer . 

Just looking for some advice or if anybody has had this after having your BFP? Trying not to stress because I know brown is old blood but just need to talk to somebody with experience x 

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  • I m on the same boat, it started a week ago when I was on a flight for a stress free holiday to survive the two weeks wait as I m wearing pantiliners (learned from the the first time with messy pessaries ) I notice the brown blood more when I do an effort like walking for a while.

    I didn't bleed after the hysteroscopy, endo scratch and cervix dilatation maybe it's coming out now?!

  • It's a horrible feeling isn't it InTheMiddleOfIt we finally get this far and nothing is ever straight forward for us. I'm trying to not be to concerned and I am going to rest today and put my feet up I think but there's always that little bit at the back of mind stressing ! When is your official test day ? Xx

  • The test date was yesterday and it confirmed the blood test both a BFP. I m waiting tomorrow impatiently to call the ACU and see what's next and what's they will say about the spotting

  • Good luck hun  I'm sure everything will be fine ..everything I have researched seems to say it's quite common in early pregnancy especially with ivf. Let us know how u get on tomorrow. Is the spotting quite a lot with you ?x

  • Yes, it's daily as soon as I do an activity. I ll update you with what they say

  • Hiya ladies

    I am 7 w+ 6 days and after week 5 started spotting on and off and still am. Try not to stress as it's very common and yes brown is old.  Sometime the pessaries irritate the cervix and sometimes it is just that old blood. Do rest and keep hydrated and you will probably notice more coming down the track when you use a pessary.

    I can only speak from my experience and those that made me feel a lot less worried to have experience the same, some ladies even bled.

    I recently had a scan and all was well so all I can do is hold onto that.

    Wish you well xx

  • Thank you Tamtam1 it's still only old blood so I'm much more relaxed plus every test I do seems to be getting darker 😊 xx

  • daydreamer89 InTheMiddleOfIt Hi and congrats to both of you. Hope you are both ok and that the spotting isn't anything to worry about. 

    I've been told today by nurse that they won't give me anymore progesterone pessaries , after getting my BFP, and I really wanted to keep taking them. I had an early miscarriage last year but even that didn't change their mind. I'm 4w4d today so very early, I know. Are you guys being given more pessaries after getting your BFP? Have you asked for them? What did they say to you? Just curious as you're both similar time stage to myself, not related to your original posts! :-) 

  • Hi Twistedwillow my spotting is still the same only when I wipe and light brown so nothing for me to be concerned about everybody keeps telling me it can be natural especially after ivf. 

    Hope your feeling well. After my egg transfer I was given a repeat prescription for cyclogest pessaries. They said if I have a bfp then I am to take it to my Gp for more pessaries and I need to keep taking them untill 12weeks. 

    I can't understand why they insist on stopping your pessaries so early. Your body needs all the progesterone it can get atm, but at the same time they must think it's OK and have a successfully birth rate to stop people's pessaries early. Sorry not much help lovely. Xx

  • Appreciate your reply. I've asked four others and you're all carrying on with pessaries. Think I'm going to contact my hospital in a couple of days and try and ask again. 

    Glad to hear you're ok xx

  • If I am not the only one then  I definitely would query it hun , u need to do what's best for you and your baby. I think I would certainly be demanding them , good luck hope you get it sorted lovely.  X

  • My clinic doesn't continue pessaries either, only if FET do they continue until 12 weeks. Normal IVF they stop when you get BFP. Their view is if the pregnancy is meant to continue it should do so on strength of what your body produces and I've read sometimes continuing just 'masks' things. With FET there is no progesterone produced naturally so need the pessaries x

  • From what I've understood it could mask an unviable pregnancy because you may not 'bleed and miscarry as the pessaries could delay the natural miscarriage bleed' but if I understand this and still want to take that chance then I should be allowed, I think. My scan will determine if it's an unviable pregnancy and then I would stop taking them so I could miscarry. However, if I'm just not producing enough progesterone on my own then I may have an unnecssary loss. I'm sure that I'm completely over panicked about this but I'm convinced that I want to keep taking it this time for a few more weeks even if not the whole 12 weeks. I'm upset and this is not helping me in trying to be calm and positive. Time for a chill out session, I think. Appreciate your replies, Dreamer and WeeMrs xx

  • Yes I take your point. It should be your choice. And upsetting yourself is not good chick. Speak to your clinic again x

  • If the clinic don't give in to you feeling stressed and wanting to, then speak with your GP and I'm sure they'll prescribe it to you...x

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