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So I had my egg collection yesterday and they were able to collect 7 eggs. This morning only 3 were viable and out of those 3, only 2 were fertilised. I'm really worried that these two won't survive until Sunday for transfer.

To be honest, I know it only takes one but such its such a small amount to have collected. I've read about ladies who get up to 20 or more!

I'm just praying that one of these little embryos is the baby we are dreaming of

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  • Wheh I did my treatment i had 4 eggs collected and 2 fertilisted and i was worried like yourself but the clinic did say thats a good number and its quality over quantity so stay hopeful and positive thinking Xx

  • I did my first cycle of icsi last year and I am now blessed with a 22 week old son so miracles do happen

    I have one in freeze which myself and my partner would like a sibling for our son so we will be trying again this year xx

  • πŸ˜€ that's brilliant Ro5ie, congrats on the birth of your little boy. You've put my mind at ease

  • Thank you I wish you lots of luck and let me know how u get on xx

  • It really is quality over quantity - so try not to don't worry until you talk to the embryologist, although that is easier said than done I know.... We had 13 eggs collected, 10 mature, 8 fertilised but in the end we ended up with only 2 (one day 4 transfer and another frozen). Now i'm struggling with OHSS (hoping it doesnt get any worse!) So I guess what I'm trying to say is that high numbers just mean greater chance of OHSS and no guarantee that many more will get to blastocyst! Fingers crossed for you that these two are little fighters X

  • I got 8, 5 mature enough, 3 fertilised, 2 made it to blastocyst, and just good enough quality for ET and freezer.

    Wasn't until EC+1 I really realised how lucky we seemed to be.

    It is a really difficult few days. take care of yourselves.

    And don't do what I did and let your partner go to work in day if ET! I thought I was fine, until I realised I cudn't drive 40mins to clinic, to find out the last 2 had not made it to day 5. My clinic do not ring each morning, or re-confirm your ET on morning of day 5!

    So I phoned them. Held it together, and both ok. But I was in floods of tears after - relief!! Really wish I hadn't been on my own that morning. But it had been really hard for hubby to work round the EC that had drifted out 2 days and then another 2 days!

    On my 2nd fresh, so strapping in for the ride...

    Very best wishes. <3

  • I had about the same as you. Had one transferred and the other frozen. The FET is the one that worked now 29 weeks pregnant. It's not quantity its quality best of luck! Xx

    Just read all the other comments with the quality/ quantity reference!!

  • In my first cycle I had 11 eggs collected then 5 was fertilize and then went down to 4 . Put back 2 but nothing to freeze . Now was my sec cycle they first sow 11 eggs but on EC day they collected 6 . Then went to nice 4 fertilize and then to 3 . Put back in one ..and one was suitable to freeze . I got another 5 days to test day .... Hun I know we always hope to have them more ...but is the quality we all need here ... Fingers crossed for u πŸ™πŸ€πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi in my first cycle I had a 2 day transfer. They are better in you than in a petri dish. unless its going to save you money ring them & ask for the transfer tomorrow... my little beans were poor quality (all my eggs were) but 1 of them stuck & I serious doubt it would have made it to day 5 in a dish.

    Ours ultimately had a sad ending but that is due to hubbys sperm DNA damage.

    Give the clinic a call, a conversation wont hurt. Good luck

  • Round 6 we only had 1 follicle/egg! I had a 2 day transfer and it worked!!! Going for a sibling now...better not take another 6 goes though!

  • I only got 2 eggs and 1 made it to blastocyst and I'm almost 11 weeks. Try and stay positive xx

  • Hi honey ..

    I had my ec last week was guttered when yet again like on my 1st cycle I only retrieved 2 eggs first cycle one fertilised his cycle both have fertilised which was a bit better they unfortunately had to go straight into freeze as I have polyp on my womb again so need to have removed before embies can be thawed it's an exciting time but frustrating at times! Lol I hope you get your bfp and all continues to go well for you xxxx

  • Hi Hun , I had 8 EC 5 fertilised could only use 2, my first one failed but my FET worked I'm now 8 weeks pregnant . Keep positive xx

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