EC done!

Hi ladies, just a little update as to where I am and hoping some of you may be able to put my mind at ease with all the goings on today. We were at the hospital by 7am and I was so nervous but my hubby is so good and had me laughing until it was time for the EC. I really am a huge wimp and the fear of a procedure made me quite emotional but the good news is it really wasn't too bad! The sedation was amazing and I just wanted to sleep all day. The memory of what happened is very fuzzy but I didn't feel any pain and they collected 11 eggs.

The thing that has caused me a little worry today is the fact my hubby had to do two samples in the end as the first was not great quality. This was a bit of a shock as all the tests have shown he doesn't have any issues and I'm wondering if it was all due to the stress and the pressure of the day. The nurse said it is quite common and was happier with the quality of the second sample but now I'm so worried in case our eggs don't fertilise. I know I have to think positive and I only have to wait until tomorrow to find out but I was hoping one of you lovely ladies may have some words of wisdom or comfort for me. I really do find this forum my best friend through all of this and I can't thank you all enough for sharing your experiences and giving such wonderful support.


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  • I have literally no words of wisdom for you (sorry😬) just wanted to say good luck πŸ€πŸ€

    But I will say it only take one little swimmer to do the job!!😊 (or 11 whichever way u look at it)

    So I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!😘 xx

  • Thank you so much! You're right it only takes one so fingers crossed there is a strong little swimmer in there!! Xxx

  • Thank you for crossing your fingers Ladyboss as it worked! Got the call to say 8 had fertilised so our ET is booked for Saturday. Feeling so excited now! 😊 xxxxx

  • Wow! 8 from 11 is brilliant! We had the same number from 13 eggs and ended up with one transferred and 3 frozen. Good luck for Saturday x

  • Thank you so much Hopeful! Let's hope we can follow in your positive footsteps. XXXX

  • Ohhhh wow that's fantastic news 8 whoop whoop πŸ˜ƒ and I have no problem taking credit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ lol

    Good luck for Saturday my fingers will remain firmly crossed for the next few weeks!! 😘 xxx

  • Sounds like EC went really well. I wouldn't worry about your hubby's sperm if the hospital were happy with the second sample - it sounds like they're not worried! Good luck with fertilisation! I was told to expect about 60% to fertilise so you should hopefully get a good number tomorrow x

  • Thank you Hopeful, 😊. I will be more than happy with 60%. Now to just wait patiently for the phone call! Xxx

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