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Hi guys I had my egg collection this morning and 7 were retrieved which we're really pleased with, they said it's a great number for my age (39) and the fact I have endometriosis. It's also 3 more than last time so that feels nice 😊

I'm feeling more sore & in more pain than my previous retrievals but apparently they had to dig around a bit to get to a couple of them so I'll just be on the couch taking it super easy today and probably tomorrow!

Now the wait for tomorrow's phone call! 😳


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  • Hi Georgina78. Well done, now time for a rest. Take some paracetamol for any pain, unless you have been prescribed anything else. No anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. Drink plenty of water too. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Diane

  • Thanks so much Diane, I am on the couch and have already drank 2 litres and will be having more as the day goes on 😊 Hoping it's good news tomorrow but I've done all I can now so I guess what will be wil be, thank you for your wishes xx

  • Hi. Good girl. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thats a great number georgina, now time to rest and good luck tmrw keep us updated xx

  • Thank you Ro5ie, I will let everyone know tomorrow 🙏🏻 Definitely resting! Xx

  • Awesome news Georgina...hope all continues to go well

  • Thanks so much Sanj. Hope you're both well and the wait for the scan isn't dragging too much x

  • We're keeping well and yeh we're counting down the days lol

  • Brilliant news Georgina! Rest up now before THE phone call tomorrow. xx

  • Thank you WeeMrsH, definitely resting, just hope I sleep tonight otherwise it'll be a loooong wait! Hope you're taking it easy too with that little fighter! Xx

  • Fingers crossed for a good fertilisation rate. Hope you get good news when the clinic calls.

  • Thank you pm xx

  • Congratulations Georgina :) hope all goes well tomorrow, keep us updated xxxxx

  • Thanks Hun, will do. Hope your cycle is going ok, I know you just wanted to be yourself this time, hope that's working well. I've been more chilled this cycle (apart from being upset about my SIL pregnancy!) hopefully that helps xx

  • Aww thanks hun, so far I'm still down regulating and am due to go for my first scan this Friday! I have been relaxed this cycle, so much so that my husband and I sometimes forget we need to take injections so are running upstairs at 7.30 lol. I just feel like it's out of my control tbh! And I'm happy that your more relaxed this time around to :) we can't help but get upset at other peoples news :( fingers crossed you will be sharing some news soon xxx

  • Haha no way! Well let's hope that means good things! Yeah so much of it is out of our control, i feel a bit more at peace about that than previously but we'll see how long that lasts 😳

    Lots of luck with the rest of your cycle xx

  • Yey! Our eggs were collected today too! x

  • Aw fantastic, let's hope it's a lucky day! Do they tell you how she's doing or just a number? xx

  • I've not heard anything. Starting to get a bit more worried now since they said they'd get in touch x

  • Good luck for the phone call 🍀 X

  • Thanks Vicky 🙏🏻 How's Tigger getting on? xx

  • Still very wary of us but did come inside for an hour tonight and did some little happy dance (aka binkies) moves. Loved chewing EVERYTHING he shouldn't lol xx

  • Good luck 🍀🍀 xx

  • Thank you! Xx

  • Well done, good luck with your phone call tomorrow xx

  • Thank you Nyko xx

  • Wow that's great news!! Well done and enjoy lots of rest now before transfer xxx

  • Aw thanks button, yes definitely resting, pretty uncomfortable but hoping it'll all be worth it xx

  • It will be xx

  • 😘🙏🏻

  • Great news Georgina. Hope you're resting up this evening and good luck for tomorrow's call. 🤞

  • Thank you MrsB, yes I am definitely resting..hubby will only let me get up to go to the loo nothing else!! Hoping the night goes fast 😳 Xx

  • Congratulations! Can't wait to hear how you get on tomorrow, everything crossed for you x

  • Thanks Hun, waiting for the call now! I will update you all xx

  • Excellent news. Totally deserved! All the best xx

  • Thanks so much Rainbow xx

  • Well done that's really great news xxx

  • Thank you nmill xx

  • So pleased for you x let the good news go on and on xx

  • Thank you Lizzie, yes let's hope so! 🙏🏻 Xx

  • Great news Georgina and great number.

    Hopefully your pain will ease a bit, it is uncomfortable for a few days.

    Good luck for tomorrows call xx

  • Thank you 😘 Pain has eased bit today but I'll still be taking it easy today. Waiting for the call now 😳 Xx

  • All the very best of luck for tomorrow 🙏❤🌈💋

  • Thank you xxx

  • That's great. I am so kind of over numbers now and totally fixed on quality..that's a great number for some good quality I reckon. Good luck today xxx

  • Thanks vic, you're right it's all about the quality 🙏🏻 Xx

  • Good luck lovely! X

  • Thanks Hun, how's your pregnancy going? Hope you're both well xx

  • Back ache and constipation that's where I'm at! We got more detail last week on our baby's heart - she has a condition called Tetralogy of Fallot - which means surgery definitely between 6 and 12 months old and probably long term follow up - it's not great news but we are lucky to be having her now in this age of modern science and medical knowledge. She won't stop wriggling either which is reassuring and lovely and a wonderful feeling! Xx

  • Aw bless her, and you guys after what you've been through. You have a wonderful attitude though and she's very lucky little lady to have you as her mamma ❤️She sounds like an active little one! Hope the crappy stuff eases off for you xxx

  • I guess we see it as not having a choice - there are plenty of days I'm a blubbering wreck - but whatever challenges she is going to have to deal with she's our daughter first and foremost and we can't wait to meet her 😍 xx

  • Nice to hear from sipidania. U r such awesome person. I'm sure ur baby's d luckiest person to have u. And pray soon everything works out well. Love to d little rightly-wiggly.😘

  • Fantastic number! I have endo too so they could only collect from one side with mine xxx

  • Thanks Sprinkles, I had a couple of follies of a decent size on my left (the defective side!) but I didn't ask if any of the eggs were from that side, didn't think it really mattered! It certainly feels like they've all come from my right though, it's there that all the discomfort is which is a weird feeling when I normally have it all on my left!

    Thank goodness for our 'good' sides! Xx

  • I know, isn't it funny how it's usually worse on one side?! They said with mine they tried to manipulate my tummy to get at the left ovary but just couldn't manage it. Too much scar tissue there I think. They said they could have gone through my womb but as they got 9 eggs from the right they didn't think it was worth risking it. I had a lot of pain a few days after EC on the left where the eggs were 'popping off' on their own, just thought you may have the same issue so get plenty of rest and drinks lots of water xxxx

  • 9 is great for one side, go the right!! 👊🏼 Definitely resting and drinking my body weight in water! Xx

  • Hey Georgina great .

    Well done . Fingers crossed

    Hope everything works out well for u my dear xx

  • Thanks tiger-cub 😘

  • Good luck 😉. Time to put your feet up and relax. xx

  • Thank you, definitely been doing that! Don't feel like I have much choice 😳 Xx

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