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EC and Fertilisation

Hey so I had ec yesterday and got 10 eggs, was all delighted as it's the most iv ever got. Did the dreaded call today tho and only 8 were mature and out of the 8 only 5 fertilsed. I'm a bit disappointed at losing 50% just like that but I suppose we have to b thankful we have any. The embryologist said he would provisionally book me in for et for Friday but highly likely it cud b Sunday. Has anyone had embryos not make it from day 1 to day 3 or day 3 to day 5? Hubby is scared we going to end up with none by Friday which has now got me overthinking . I swear my mind is in overdrive!!

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5 sounds like a good number to me!

The aim is to try to get 4 embryos for a better chance, but saying that it only takes one 😊

The nerves whilst waiting must be horrendous but keeping everything crossed that your embryos are fine & you are soon reunited 😘 xoxo


Thank u xx going to try and keep busy just

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Hey, 5 out of 8 is still pretty good going as you have to rule out the 2 that werent mature. I do think that its realistic that numbers do drop off as the days progress from EC unfortunately however there is nothing to say that your embryos will fail completely. I know its really hard not to be negative when we have had failures in the past but you just never know. I unfortunately had all of my embryos fail in my first cycle by day 3 but on the 2nd and 3rd cycle we had some to transfer so it goes to show that not all cycles are bad. Wishing you some much luck and hope you get some beautiful emrbyos!xx


Hi there. I know how disheartening it feels when your numbers seem to drop each time you get an update.

I think five embryos is a really good number to work with.

The waiting these few days is such an unbearably anxious time, my heart goes out to you xx


That's a good number I had 8 mature only 2 fertilised xx


5 is a great number Littleflower. it's very natural to worry about every little thing during ivf and those days between collection and transfer are the worst.

I am in 4 days past 5dt at the moment. I also had 10 eggs but only 4 fertilized. 2 made it to blasts and were both transferred.

wishing you the best of luck x


5 is a great number. I had 3, 1 arrested on day 3, 1 good blast on day 5 and the second not good enough to freeze. It's natural for numbers to fall at each stage. I think its common to have only 1 or 2 to transfer with no frosties so don't been disheartened.


I had 7 fertilised, and was told that if we had 4 or more on Day 3, they'd let them till day 5. On Day 3 we got the call that exactly 4 made it, so they waited until day 5. They transfered 1 and 3 are frozen. The embryologist is the expert, I would trust their criteria to decide on a Day 3 or a Day 5 transfer, it is based on their knowledge and experience.

I understand your concerns as well, I was terrified and when we got the call on Day 3 my voice and legs were shaking...

It all went well for us and we had a BFP a week ago, good luck!!! xx


5 is good. It’s also normal to lose eggs/embryos. Our lab says that they expect (on average) 50% to fertilise and 50% again to make blasts, ideally. We lost three embryos between days 1-3 on the first round and 4 between days 3-5 on the second round. I’d told myself this time that as long as we had one to put back and one to freeze we’d be happy with that! Wishing your little embies luck xx


Your mind will be in overdrive...as frustrating as it is to go through I actually think it’s normal due to everything that’s going on with us all, mentally, physically, emotionally πŸ’•

Don’t worry about the numbers either...remember you only need 1 and that’s enough for the magic to happen xxx


Guys thanks so much for all the replies, I have settled a bit and I am thankful for my 5 :-) i have to ring tomorrow to c how they doing and depending inn that transfer tomorrow or Sunday. I really do appreciate all the support on here xx


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