2ww how to keep your mind busy

..I had my ET last Saturday . First two days was ok just sofa rest ...yesterday wasn't us bad I went to shop with hubby . 2day my friend come to visit me this morning ...since then nothing ...sofa again and my mind is going crazy πŸ˜” My test is on 14th and I didn't even make a first week .... Please please girls can u tell me what u being doing or what u do "to keep your self busy and your mind too "... Xxx

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  • Try and get out of the house as much as possible, go for walks (better blood flow to uterus?) see people so you can keep your mind occupied, if you stay in the house then organise some cupboards or do jobs you have been meaning to do etc., it's really tough Hun I know xx good luck xx

  • Thank u Hun. The only think I do is kitchen cooking three time a day but I get so hot so Kwik and need to sat down for few min ...then some small laundry ... I miss my little nice she is my little princess one year old ...but my hubby don't want me to go to her now knowing how we playing Running me lifting her up ...he don't want me to do "all my favourite crazy thing with her" for now ...πŸ˜” I will definitely take your advise Hun and visit my friends ... Thank u xxx

  • its really so long wait...i m trying to pass this time by watching movie..n sometimes googling the symptoms of implantation....but i think thats not a good idea bcz the medication also has side effects....i also engage myself in social network being in touch with family, frens n relatives....good luck to us both...

  • OMG lovewinspain . This time is the longest time ever ... I'm still in first week . My friend come around this morning but she don't know about my IVF ...I told her your perfume is so strong doesn't smell nice ...she give me that weird look saying is the same one I always where ...adding "hey u ..your boobs looking so big "πŸ˜‚... Yeh they r bit big then usual bit sensitive but they don't Hurt . Before ET I had now and again like a period pain till yesterday . Since then I feel no period pain when I'm in kitchen cooking , washing I get so hot so Kwik that I need to sat down for few min ... How u feeling Hun ? Is your test day coming up soon ? Xxx

  • yeah its a very difficult journey dear Olivia1980xxx. i also havenot told anyone neither family nor my frens...only between me, my hubby, my brother n his wife...getting big boob might b due to implantation..my boobs hav also been big n tender...yeah i also got period pain on 7th n 8th day after ET n nw get it sometimes very rare n mild..i tested on sunday, monday (too early both days) n today too but all negative n i beliv that it must b a false result bcz it is too early to test through urine...i dont feel hot much but sometimes it comes to me...my test day is on friday...just about 40 hrs to go n u knw each hr s so longer...good luck...

  • I do lovewinspain . My hubby got so much on his mind now with work and everything what coming with it ...he don't sleep well... He is really stressing till test day ...πŸ˜” I'm trying keep my self positive and my brother said ..."this month gonna be good month "... Hun fingers crossed for both of us and everyone here πŸ˜ƒπŸ€πŸ€πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™xxx

  • I can't help I caved today and tested should have done so on Sunday thank goodness it was a positive xo

  • OMG sam84 wow congratulation . Did u have a strong Visible lines ? Xxx

  • Yes very strong and on that we crap hospital test x

  • That great Hun on day 9 πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ congratulation πŸ€πŸ€πŸ˜ƒ I got my on 14th I'm on my first week ...this time is the longest ever . Did u have any symptoms ? How did u keep your mind busy Hun ? Xxx

  • I had we days out with friends and down light jobs abt the house but then i caved i honestly didn't think it would show today bug then there it was plan as day 2ww is so hard xo

  • Sorry symptoms I had few a while ago sore boobs cramp down the back of my legs really tired only think I feel atm is tired and my boob feel fuller xo

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