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How's your 2ww?


Hi everyone just wondering how your 2ww is going? I decided to take 3 weeks off over EC/ET & waiting time as my job is quite physical and I've been put on steroids as there is a risk of miscarriage as I have psoriasis which is linked to low immune system. The 1st week flew over what with EC and tests and waiting for the calls from the hospital. This week however is starting to drag a bit, I'm trying to get out of the house for a bit each day just for some fresh air, the rest of the time it's feet up watching box sets (Friends is the latest one!!). I think it's been a big, sudden change from being busy with remembering injections & scans every 2 days to now no contact with anyone. Plus I've had serious wind with the pessaries & cramping/bloating. Trying to not worry about every little thing and just hoping test date on 27th is a BFP!! Wishing you all well on your journeys xx

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Just starting my 2ww today, just wanted to pop and say love the quote and good luck for the 27th I hope you get a BFP xx

Lucky17 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Hun, I've got my fingers crossed for you too xx

Hidden in reply to Lucky17

Thank you x

Hi Lucky17! I am on my 2ww as well and my test date is the 27th :) I have this week off of work because it is half term but back to work on Monday! I too have found myself on box sets (Gilmore girls for me :) ) I keep feel little twinges and a little bit of cramping but trying to just ignore everything. Hope theverything next couple of weeks flys by for both of us :) xx

Lucky17 in reply to rmadge86

I'm sure it will, plenty of postitvity!! Fingers crossed for 27th for both of us xx

2ww is crazy. I have a week off to because of half term, although doing work bits to keep me busy.

want to get to the test date but also feel anxious getting there!!!

Lucky17 in reply to C_L_A_I_R_E

It seems ages now but will hopefully fly over, sending lots of baby dust your way for a BFP!! Xx

Yeah I can relate .also on tww. Testing 24th😲

I'm usually really active exercise 5 x days a week and now I'm cu

Own to yoga and walking I hate it but doing it for the course.Had 3 days off after EC was quite poorly and 2 days after ET. My job is office so I went in again yeaterday. Glad I did as I was going stir crazy. You done the right thing by taking the time off if your job is physically demanding.

All the best xx

Lucky17 in reply to Buffy21

I've got everything crossed for you also Hun, nearly there xx

Buffy21 in reply to Lucky17

Thanks feeling pretty down at moment. So used to getting feel good endorphins from sport. I need my fix. If only there was guarantee this would work 😐xx

Aw keep yourself busy and do not test early!! I've decided I'm signing myself off for my 2ww. Went back 4 days in last time and struggled. Am in a tough school!

Watch 'the crown' on Netflix if you haven't seen it xxx

Lucky17 in reply to allieb21

Ooh I'll have to have a look at that one, thanks 😊, hope all goes well with you too Hun xx

Yeah 2ww is tough. .I walked each day with my dog and did lots of wee things round the house that I had been meaning to do. I also baked loads and cooked nice meals for my dh when he came home..hang in there xx

Lucky17 in reply to vic77

Thank you xx

I'm slowly going insane! Not too much longer for me as test date Monday. I've not really had any twinges or symptoms so bit worried!

Love the quote!

Wishing U and all the lovely ladies on here the BFP that we all dream of xxx

Lucky17 in reply to 72cloud9

Fingers crossed for Monday for you, I've read not everyone has any symptoms so try to relax, here's to BFP!! Xx

72cloud9 in reply to Lucky17

Thank u,literally after I wrote that I started to get real periody symptoms which worried me also so I can't win lol!! Hopefully it'll b good news. Xxx

I am also starting to go a bit bonkers! My test date is the 23rd and my skin has decided to do what it always does when I'm premenstrual and be absolutely horrible! Trying to ignore that and hope that everything has taken but starting to get bad dreams despite having lovely relaxing days off work. Counting down every second of every minute!!

Lucky17 in reply to MrsHM

It's all the hormones, my psoriasis has flared up but I can't use my topical steroids so just having to use creams only, hopefully it will settle for you. Fingers crossed for the 23rd Hun xx

MrsHM in reply to Lucky17

Thankyou :) I hope you get a positive result as well!

Great Quote. I hope you're ok. Not long to go now, hang on in there. xx

Lucky17 in reply to hellokitty33

Thanks nanderso!! I've been collecting little quotes as they've helped me along this journey as little pick me ups 😊 Good luck on your journey Hun xx

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