Just wondering if anyone else is on Utrogestan vaginal progesterone pessaries? I find that nearly always I have a fraction/tip of the pessary left in the applicator - they obviously melt very quickly making them stick to the plastic, but I don't know if that is the progesterone or if it's just a chunk of the cover that melts? I asked the nurse at the clinic but she just told me not to wedge the pessary into applicator too far... which is definitely not what I've been doing as it's not possible! It's obvious that as she hasn't tried it herself and so doesn't know what to say :-P

thank you for any advice out there! X

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  • Hi hun

    I'm on these too but only had that happen once x maybe u got a dodgy batch or its warm where you keep them xx

  • Thanks Dreams! Hmm... maybe I should stick them in the fridge or something...

  • Have you got another box you could try just to make sure it's not the batch x

  • Same problem with two boxes - I'll try the next one tonight... maybe third one will be lucky! :) x

  • Hi Medeine - I am on the same stuff and have had the same issue too. I have found that if I wriggle it a bit on the way down after releasing it, I end up with far less on the applicator. I don't refrigerate mine but that could possibly be a good solution actually.

  • Thanks Hopefulmamma! this morning I tired with one I refregerated and did the wriggling thing, but still same problem :( I just have to hope that I am getting enough progesterone - I'm on three 200mg capsules a day so surely a small chunk won't make a difference... fingers crossed! x

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