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Referral awaiting appointment

Referral awaiting appointment

I have spoken to my GP today he is arranging for a referral so myself and my partner can start our FET we have one embryo left in storage

feeling quite nervous about it all as we only have the one in storage but staying hopeful, we do have a son from out first cycle

the reason we are trying for another so soon is cos my partner is older and our son's brother's are older so we would like a sibling for our son to grow up with xx

pic of our son we are blessed with xx

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Have faith in your strong batch :-)

We had one transfered and one frozen from our first round, both implanted but miscarried....

Look at your baby and he'll give you strength to believe and remember it is possible!!

Glad your GP referred you!!

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OMG Hun he is so cute 😃😃 I'm on 2ww and I got only one to freeze . Looking on your little boy give me a hope and believe that miracle happen 😃😃xxx


aww thank you I hope you get your BFP fingers crossed

they certainly do

me and my partner were trying for 10 years and didnt know what was wrong then to be told IVF was our only option It was a difficult time for us and decisions to make but its the best thing we ever did sat here looking at my little boy ,

like u say miracles do happen

stay hopeful when is your test day? xxx


Hi Hun we being trying with hubby for over 4 years . My hubby family is huge and his two older brothers have like 4 kids each , sister got 3 and the youngest brother got little girl 1 year old . All eyes on us ☺️☺️ I just hope this time miracle will happen for us 🙏 My test day is on 14th Hun 🙏🙏🍀🍀


so cute n lovely boy.....giving us strength n hope that miracle would happen....


Fingers crossed for a sibling! Hooray things are moving forward for you!


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