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IVF referral to CARE fertility and smoking test?

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Me and my partner have recently been referred for IVF under the NHS and I am aware they do a smoking test to ensure we meet the criteria. We have chosen to attend CARE fertility in Northampton.

I fortunately am a non smoker and my partner has given up, but had a bit of a blip this weekend and had a nicotine vape. Although, we haven't received our appointment yet, I'm concerned it may come through at short notice and he'll fail the test. Does anyone know what sort of test is done e.g. blood test? And do you think one night of a vaping would effect the results? He also lift shares with a smoker so I'm also concerned about this too.

Its annoying as he'd done so well and I really don't want it pushing things back as its taken so long to get to this point and I'm not sure what to expect from the first appointment.

Sorry for all the questions, but any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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If it’s a carbon monoxide breath test then he’ll be fine, even if it’s a blood test the nicotine should already be out of his system by now. It’s only in your system for a few days. You should be ok. Good luck x

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Buttonboon in reply to HopeTTC18

Thanks for you quick reply. That’s reassuring to know.

I was just worrying as everywhere I was reading said you need to have been quit 3 months prior to the appointment and couldn’t really find much else about it. I didn’t know if this would completely undo all his hard work, so it’s a relief to know it should be clear by now x

My partner gave up smoking and had to do carbon monoxide tests at the smoking clinic and the amount lowered fast can’t remember the level but went down from like 20 to 2 after a week. Mine was 2 at my antenatal app I don’t smoke.

We were at that clinic and actually never given a test. Just signed to say we were non smokers. Care Nottingham did a breath test though.

Care Nottingham never did us any smoking tests.. my partner smoked vape when he had a drink but not often nothing as said. X

Thanks for all the replies. They’ve all been really reassuring and it definitely puts my mind at ease now! We’ll just make sure there’s no more blips! x

Hi, do you recall what test they did for this? Was it a breath test or bloods?

It was a breath test.

how did u get on with the smoking test did they test at all?

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Buttonboon in reply to barkerdan

Hiya. Yes they did test, but we both passed. So I was worrying over nothing.

congrats. did u both actually quit. we have our first appointment next week friday and believe they'll be doing there nhs eligibility checks we no were covered it's just the smoking that's got us worried.

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Buttonboon in reply to barkerdan

Thank you! No I was already a non smoker but my partner had been smoking for 20 plus years and he quit. He’s had the odd slip up now and then (never brought any) usually got one of someone else, but generally he’s been very good. It was obviously enough for him to pass! So I’m sure you’ll be fine. We’re you both smokers?

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barkerdan in reply to Buttonboon

yhh both smokers had an education evening at the clinic and going for our first appointment friday worried they'll test on this date! gonna go 24 hours without see what happens but if i ever needed motivation to quit this is the perfect one so we'll see how it goes

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I think a lot of it depends on the clinic. We were lucky as we were referred over from my local hospital and was warned prior about the smoking test. A nurse advised we wouldn’t be eligible if either of us smoked, so it gave him the motivation to quit. We had our smoking test at our first appointment at our chosen Centre, but it was about a month after the referral. We did speak to a nurse before the appointment who said that if for any reason we failed, they would postpone the treatment until we had quit. I hope it all goes okay for you at your first appointment. I have heard a lot of people don’t even get tested, so you may be fine.

We were treated there and both had a breath test at our first consultation. Good luck x

where was your treatment? ours will be homerton

At Care, I have only just realised that the OP was a month old.

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