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Anyone had Day 4 embryo transfer?

So out of the 13 egg collected on Monday, 10 were mature and 8 fertilised! So incredibly relieved to have gotten to this point :) Today (Day 2) they all seem to still be doing ok (2 and 4 cells), so the clinic is scheduling the transfer for Friday, ie Day 4. Now I know about Day 3 and Day 5 transfer - but does anyone have any experience with Day 4 transfer?

I know my clinic is doing this because they are not open on Satudays to do Day 5 transfer, so if I ask they will just say day 4 is fine... :-S I would love to hear what other clinics do, and perhaps it is more common than I thought? Thank you and baby dust to all!! X

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That's a great % to fertilise! Yes same happened to me- my clinic didn't open Saturday so scheduled me for a day 4 transfer which I thought was weird because at the other clinic I'd had previous (unsuccessful) rounds at it had always been day 3 or 5. They said at my new clinic it didn't make a difference and actually when we arrived our day 4 embryo was already a blastocyst. Out of all the transfers we'd had this was the only one that stuck - he will be 5 old months tomorrow! Good luck!! Xx


Thank you so much for replying Maibs! That has certainly reassured me :-) Although it is frustrating to think that our chances may be reduced because of silly 9 - 5 / Mon -Fri conventions! Still I'm hopeful as 7 out of the 8 are still in the game and doing well :) Thank you again for putting my mind at rest! All the best to you and a very happy 5-month birthday to the little one! Xx


I know how you feel - I was exactly the same when I found out it would be a day 4 transfer but I guess it's in the clinics best interest to have as many successful cycles as they can for their statistics - if only opening weekdays had a negative effect on this then I'm sure they wouldn't do it. 7/8 going strong today is really great news! Just think you'll have your embryo/s safely back inside by tomorrow and you can put your feet up and relax this weekend! Fingers crossed for you 🍀 Xx


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