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Clearblue ovulation test

Hi. Does anyone here use the clearblue ovulation test? I've got the one which gives you your high fertility days and peak fertility. I'm currently on high fertility. I know when you're on peak fertility you have to have sex within the 48 time period. Does anyone know for high fertility how many days are you fertile for? My problem is my husband works away from home and he's not due home till Thursday! !xx

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Hi I used the high fertility one and the dual hormone one. It says on both you have high fertility for four days (and essentially the only days your likely to concieve.)

You might be ok for Thursday but you will have to get straight down to business lol as that will be the tail end of ov for that cycle 😏 Xxx


Thanks. Might need to get him to say there's a family emergency and to come home early lol!!x

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