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Clear blue dual ovulation tests



I've been using clear blue dual ovulation OKP's, I've been testing for 14 days. The first day I had a negative result and for the next 13 days I have tested I've gotten high fertility without ever reaching peak fertility. Is it worth still testing?


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I used the ovulation calculator online, you type in your last period etc, then I new roughly when I expected to ovulate, I then started strips, once I had high fertility peak followed a few days later, so I would try again next month, I never had to use that many strips that way, as can be pretty pricey, all the very best of luck ❤🌈💋

I would stop testing. It will never reach solid smiley if you missed your peak. Nor will it turn to blank unless you stop testing for 48 hours using the same monitor. I once used as an entire pack when I missed my surge, and called clear blue who said to stop testing with flashing smiley after 5

Thanks. That is good to know. Hopefully I just missed the surge!

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Hi Jhenderson. I agree with "misswinky34." If you made love just before, then hopefully you will have caught the ovulation window. Good luck! Diane

If it helps, the only month I've ever only had high but not peak was the only month I've ever fallen pregnant. So clearly they don't always register the peak, as I must have ovulated to fall pregnant!

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