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So I waited until day 21 of my cycle and then started taking norethisterone for 5 days. I finished them on Saturday now I'm having a week without any medication. My period is supposed to arrive during this week, but there is no sign of it yet. I have to phone the clinic tomorrow to let them know if it doesn't arrive and I am Annoyed (with a capital A). Why won't my body play ball?

Has this happened to anyone (where their period does not arrive during this time)? Will I have to wait and start all over again if it doesn't come? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, don't worry it will come. I was in a similar position I think I waited 4 or 5 days for period after finishing the pill. Xx


Hi lisaboyle36. Oh dear! Try not to worry, your period will come. Sometimes there is a bit of a delay when you have been "manipulated". Good luck with it all! Diane


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