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Hi ladies,

i was given an IVF booklet to read from my clinic last week, so i’ve been reading it and for both long and short protocols it says you may be required to take Norethisterone, i’ve never heard of this before, has any one taken it and if so what are the reasons for it?

Thanks in advance xxx

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Hi I took it at the start of my ivf cycle!! It was so the clinic could control my period!! I took it for 10 days then my period started so I could start the injections and begin the process!!

Hope this helps xx

Ahhhh right. Yes it does help thank you. Were your periods irregular? Xx

No they were very regular!! So I didn’t really get why I had to take it but I guess it was so they could control when things happened!! Egg collection, egg transfer etc!! Xx

Ohhh i see. How strange! I’d never heard of it until i read about it xx

Think it’s another of those things that’s all part of the process!!!


Yeah must be, its one of thoses cases were you think you know everything and then you read something you’ve never read before and its like “whaaaat” haha x

Ha ha yeah!!! We’ve learnt so much from our first cycle!! It’s amazing what they can do xx

I had to have it too even though my periods are very regular. I think they were down on embryologist sand wanted to control period so they could roughly predict when egg Collection would be xx


It was in my order of drugs but as my period started just as my meds arrived I was told not to bother and they went straight to prostap injection !


Yes as mentioned above it’s a hormonal pull that is used to delay/start a withdrawal bleed.

However if your period is like clockwork I would strongly advise you to try and avoid it. You should be able to predict egg collection depending on your normal cycle!

It’s usually used if it’s going to interfere with bank holidays etc but really that is most unnecessary for most women.

If it was me I would push for as natural a timing as possible. Unfortunately I have very irregular periods so I had to go on pills with horrible side effects /consequences.

Most women don’t have any problems with norethisterone however so don’t let me scare you- but from experience and others stories I wouldn’t let the clinic push you around too much unnecessarily. They have a habit of treating us like guinea pigs sometimes (!) or robots.

Best of luck with everything x

Nickimidge in reply to Saya85

Thanks for the reply, we’ll be discussing what protocol i’ll be having when i go back next month! I know they do things for the right reason but don’t really wanting to be taking medication if i don’t really need it xxx

I had to take Norethisterone to start a ‘period’ as I don’t ovulate or have periods. I was on the short protocol. I took 1 tab 3 times a day for 10 days, then phoned my clinic when I’d had a full day of bleeding. Then I had a baseline scan and started my follicle stimulating injections...

I didn’t experience any side affects. X

Norphisterone suited me, I have regular cycles but it meant it all happened far quicker with beginning stimulation and gave a great *ahem* clear out!! It messed with my system far less than having a gonapeptyl down reg injection which made me feel not at all myself for three months!! X


I took it for the first cycle but the doctor didnt want me to take it on the 2nd cycle. He said he wanted me to have more of a natural cycle the 2nd time round. The second cycle was a lot better too x

The norithesterone is taken basically so the clinic can control how many people they have in for egg collection. As Kittykib77 has said, it clears absolutely everything out so allows the clinic to monitor lining from scratch.

My first cycle, my period started before I could start the tablets so went straight onto stims!!

Good luck x

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