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Good news


Hey all. Thought I would share some good news and hope with you all. We had our dating scan today and are measuring 13 weeks and 2 days. We had a scary bleed at 8 weeks and I lost brown stuff for 3 weeks after that but we have made it this far!!!

Remember all you brave and wonderful warriors, you are strong and lovely and will be amazing mums one day. Try to keep the faith although I know it can be so hard sometimes!

Sending so much love and good vibes to you all!!!

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wooooooo hooooooo. ..beautiful soooooo happy for you xxx

Congratulations amazing scan pic 💗💙👶 xx


Congratulations xx

Lovely pic 💗😘

Ahh great news.... congratulations xx

Great picture xx

Congrats. Awesome news! X

Congratulations! Cant see pic for some reason. Xx

Violet5451 in reply to Becky179

Hey lovely. Thank you! I took it off because the warning scan photo didn’t come up and didn’t want to upset anyone who doesn’t want to see it! X

Becky179 in reply to Violet5451

Ahh bless you. Well I'm sure it's fabby. Xx

Great newd

Great news, pleased to hear all went well at your scan! Shame I missed your pic!xx

Great news! Delighted that all is going well so far. Now you'll be on the countdown until your 20week scan! Time will fly. Xo

Fantastic news! Glad it’s all going well for you Violet5451 - I loved seeing the scan pic... a proper little human forming right there, it was just magical. I hope you have a happy & scare free rest-of-pregnancy x

Violet5451 in reply to Wishfully

Agh thank you!!! Yeah I know, can’t believe how much he/she has changed since 8 weeks!!! Xxx

Amazing news. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy

Many congratulations! x

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