Is this game over for this cycle already??

Started spotting yesterday at 5dp5dt, it started off in the morning as pink then changed to bright red over the course of the day and through last night. There isn't loads of blood, but I think it's too much to be implantation bleeding... I am so upset, I feel like my body hasn't really allowed it enough time to work... Feeling very low right now xxx

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  • Hi sprinkle,

    Have you tried calling the hospital for advice? It might help even just to put your mind at ease.

    It could be implantation and some people can get light period throughout pregnancy also.

    When are you due to test? Xx

  • Hi Amanda yeah I have called them and just waiting for someone to call me back, not due to test til Saturday so was a little shocked to be bleeding so soon! Xx

  • I think it is quite common and from what I have read implantation bleeding can occur 6-10 days after ET.

    Try not to worry too much. Hopefully the clinic will call you back soon and will be able to give you more useful information that me and will help put your mind at ease xx

  • Hi Sprinkles, I really hope this isn't the case and that it's implantation or just bleeding that some women get to terrify them at this stage. So unfair to put you through this so early into your 2ww. Hopefully the clinic will call you back with some advice. Try to keep your mind occupied as much as you can, though I know how hard that is. Thinking of you x x x

  • Hi sprinkles. Try not to worry too much. Many people have bleeding and still end up being pregnant. Hopefully the clinic can reassure you more. It may ease off later. I am on my 5th transfer and know exactly how you are feeling. My last 4 all ended with af showing her face before the end of the 2ww. Try and keep positive and hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised. Keeping everything crossed for you xx

  • I had dark brown spotting which changed to pinkish on day 9 and that turned out to be an implantation bleed. x

  • Thanks everyone for your kind words, as it's our first round everything is new to us so not sure what is normal and what isn't! Do any of you think it is worth me asking to increase cyclogest pessaries to 3 per day? Xxx

  • I wouldn't do anything unless the clinic advises it, it might be worth asking them if they think this would help x x x

  • They have just called me back and I asked about upping the cyclogest, she said it won't make any difference at this stage.... Aargh this is just horrible xx

  • It is horrible and it's not fair, all you can do it wait. Try to rest as much as possible and take care of yourself for now. Hoping all is well x x x

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