Game over- this time

I knew when I started to get period pains on Monday and some brown discharge and light bleeding that it had failed, but people kept telling me I was wrong. It didn't sound like a period etc etc. But I knew my body. Yesterday was torture waiting to test, but at least it didn't come as a surprise this morning. Negative.

Can't even be bothered to think about trying again right now, but how long is it best to leave your body to recover before doing another IVF cycle?

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  • Sorry to hear that xxx

  • Sorry to hear that Hun xx all the best xx

  • Awww, I'm very sad to hear that, Blu.



  • Hi BluChakra. Not the news you want to hear, but remember that when a cycle of treatment fails, your consultant will gain a bit more knowledge as to how your body reacts to treatment, and who knows, may be able to “fine-tune” your treatment better next time around. Most clinics like you to have at least one menstrual cycle completed, and will see you when your second one is due. This would probably be the earliest you would be seen, but all clinics have their own criteria as to when to “start again”. You will be feeling very raw at the moment after enduring such intense treatment, so give yourself time to recover. Only you will know when is the right time to have another go. I do wish you well when the decision is made and will keep everything crossed for a happier outcome. Diane

  • So sorry to hear this :-( i have been getting cramp like pains and i dont test until next thursday its going to be a long wait :-(

    I'm sure my docor told me it depends on the individual but they suggest having a normal period again and then try again.

    How many did you get transferred if you dont mind me asking? Xx

  • Sorry to hear that hope your ok x

  • At least two cycles missus.. I failed at fertilisation stage in July and they said they like to see two periods before restarting.. X

  • Jpmac I also failed at fertilisation stage x just a quick question did that count as a failed NHS attempt for u as they sed it does for me x bluchakra I'm so sorry to hear it's not worked for u either x I am goin back for egg collection in November after all 30of my eggs didn't take on 27th August :( xxx

  • They didn't say missus. Just that I could have another go and they couldn't guarantee it wouldn't happen again

  • Awww right x did none of ur eggs fertilise then? How many eggs did u hav? Are they doin icsi next time x hope u don't mind me asking x

  • Thanks folks. Especially for the hugs :) weemex I had two transferred and the consultant said they were very good quality. 7 out of 8 on their grading. I had an 11mm endometrial lining, had acupuncture, took loads of vitamins and ate healthily ( including pineapple core!). I even stopped going to the gym during my 2ww and just walked. I don't know what else I could have done.

    Diane, I am a bit concerned about the extent to which they can fine tune things. I know they chose my protocol purely on the basis of my AMH and as I got 5 eggs , next time they could give me a bit more stimulation and possibly get more eggs. However as you know, I had a lot of rectal pain. I have had extensive pelvic surgery and have recent scarring from a pelvic abscess in February. I also still have active ulcerative colitis in the remains of my rectal stump. During the 2ww this flared up and my rear end was having spasms and bleeding, my belly was bloated and it was painful to walk and pee. I'm quite sure all this inflammation would have prevented implantation. However I read on my protocol sheet that my clinic doesn't offer aspirin or steroids until your 3rd go. Surely they should be giving me something to prevent all this inflammation next time? How can I get them to take my situation into account? I just feel like a number.

  • So sorry bluchakra, just hive yourself some time to get strong again, take the time you need mentally and physically to feel it's time to try again. Thinking of you x

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