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Timing of endometrial scratch

Hello. Good evening! I'm due to have an endometrial scratch this cycle and I have noticed my cycles are getting shorter. Typically, they are 24-26 days long. Does this mean I should be having the scratch earlier on in my cycle? Just wondered if anyone is in this position too. I have booked one in for day 20. Is this too far in? 😁

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Hi grace, im having a scratch before my fet this time and having mine on day 16 of my cycle. The doc told me as long as its between day 15-22 it should be fine. Good luck xx

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. Good luck with your cycle xx

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Have you advised them also in regards to starting your down reg?

My cycles are short too..21-28 days, but average out to 24/25 days.

I start my cycle on day 19 and had the scratch a day or 2 before.

Give them a call to discuss..they should be advising you x

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Hi Hollibob. Thanks for replying. I'm on the flare protocol so I don't down reg for as long. I was told that anytime from day 16-20 would be OK. But suddenly panicked because my cycles seem to be getting shorter. I think it's because I am 38. Hope everything goes well X


Hi, I’m sorry for that as the procedure isn't a pleasant one. But it is believed to improve the implantation rate of a subsequent cycle.

It involves performing an endometrial biopsy around day 21 of the menstrual cycle. A small sample of endometrial tissue will be obtained. The procedure often causes cramping. So they recommend taking an over-the-counter pain reliever ahead of time. Besides it can also be done at the time of a hysteroscopy.

It is believed that disrupting the lining of the uterus releases growth factors that help to improve embryo implantation.

If you have some contradicting thoughts you'd better share them with your doc. Whether your scratch will be earlier or not, this should be decided by your doc as well. Unfortunately, we aren't experts here.

So if your doc is sure it’s better for you to try this option, then why not? It IS unpleasant but still you’ll do everything now to boost your following chance of success.

Good luck and all the best with your treatment Xx


Hi Mel77,

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to me. It's such a supportive forum. It's actually going to be my third time having an endometrial scratch. It's my fourth cycle of treatment. I've pretty much tried everything short of egg donation. I consulted with the doctor and she said it should be fine, as long as the procedure is carried out before my AF arrives! The things we put ourselves through. But one of these days, it will be OUR time.

All the best to you 😊 Xx


I m booked for a hysteroscopy with cervical dilation and endometrial biopsy originally the gynaecologist said the timing doesn't matter but I called the fertility clinic and they prefer day 21. I m on short protocol too. But my periods are 28+ ( I had to almost induce them this month to stay on track).

Good luck for your procedure.

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