I've recently had a Day 3 FSH and LH test and received the results yesterday.

I collected them from the Receptionist at my GP's surgery and there was a note attached from my GP saying he was happy that all the results were within the normal range. However, my FSH measured only 1.8 iu/L which seems low to me as everything I've read suggests that normal ranges are above 3.5 and below 8.9.

My LH was within the normal range at 4.6 iu/L.

Does anyone know if this sounds at all strange. I'm quite concerned that it's an indication of something problematic.


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  • Hi discobec. Usually we are looking at the FSH and LH being around the same level. The LH is fine, but I think you will find that your FSH level is a little on the low side. However, it is easier to bring the level up a little. Better this way that it being too high! Hope all is soon sorted for you and any treatment you may require is soon under way. Diane

  • Thanks Diane. Do you know how it might be brought up? X

  • Hi discobec. Unfortunately there is no way of increasing FSH levels naturally, but it is no problem when going through fertility treatment, as we can manipulate your hormones during your treatment cycle. Good luck with it all! Diane

  • Sorry to bombard you with questions but what does a low FSH mean? Thanks.

  • Hi doscobec. If you have a low FSH reading, it indicates that the follicles produced on your ovaries are not getting to a sufficient size for an egg to get into and out of. You would probably need some medication to help you with this, or perhaps IVF.

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