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FSH levels & IVF funding


I got my blood test results today, which showed my FSH results as 12.4 and from what I have read it shouldn't be over 11.9 to qualify for IVF funding?

Can anyone shed any light?

Can anything be done to reduce it?

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Hi Hayles is this for your egg count blood test? X

Hollibob in reply to Littlemex

Hi Weemex.

I believe it's connected to the ovarian reserve...

Littlemex in reply to Hollibob

Hi hales my ovarian reserve was 26.4 i believe the higher it is the more successful your ivf can be, therefore you will be fine :-) i know how you feel though i had to wait two years on the liat and when i found out they do that test after that long wait to see if you are eligable for funding its terrible :-( but i wouldnt worry yours seems perfectly fine :-)

I go into today after 5 days of injections to get a scan and hopefully the meds have been working , such a nervous experience.

i wish you all the luck in your cycle when it starts :-) x

Hollibob in reply to Littlemex

Thanks for sharing your levels too. It is very frustrating and I had a bit of a melt down yesterday.

I've emailed the nurse to see what she says and we are seeing her on Monday anyway.

Wishing you lots of luck with your next few steps x

hi I think it depends on the hospitals actual policy. We were refused treatment at one NHS hospital (despite having the funding in place from the CCG) as my AMH was too low (this is the measure of your ovarian reserve). What we didn't know is we could have been offered a different hospital which didn't even look at AMH instead they used FSH as criteria. so I would find out which hospital had which criteria as that the factor despite funding as this come from your CCG.

as we wernt informed of this we were totally devasted to be refused and went private. We should have been told we had other options.. I would find out your hospitals criteria but also look into which hospitals your CCG has a contract with as those are the only one you who get your funding for - hope that makes sense if not send me a personal message

Hollibob in reply to nellynel

Thanks Nellynel.

I wish we already had the funding in place, but we sadly don't...we'll definitely bear the different hospital criterias in mind though :-)

Hi Hayles, AMH and FSH are two different things. FSH blood test is usually done in the first 3 days of your period and measures your hormone levels and can be an indicator on how hard your body has to work to get you to ovulate. AMH test can be done at any time and is an indicator of you egg reserve. So you need to be sure which test results you have. Hopefully your clinic will get back to you to put your mind at rest. Good luck.

Hollibob in reply to Missmmc

Thanks missmcc.

They haven't requested an AMH as yet and I don't think they are planning to. I wish they would, then at least we would know that side of things too.

It's just annoying that the paperwork is so structured on something that can be variable with every cycle.

We know we are having trouble TTC, that's why the results aren't perfect!!

Anyway, seeing the nurse tomorrow to discuss further :-)

Thank you

MrsDx in reply to Hollibob

Hello, I just wanted to add that through all the fertility blood tests, I've had an FSH reading of 12, 9 and 8 which was ok but now things have changed which means unles I get an 8.9 reading or below at my September test, we are not eligible for NhS ivf. So upset and frustrated by all of this!! Trying to use reflexology to help bring the number down before d-day! X

Hollibob in reply to MrsDx

Hi MrsDx.

It's so frustrating isn't it?!

I wouldn't mind, but once you get to a clinic they alter your hormone levels anyway to suit the treatment.

Fingers crossed for you...I've been having reflexology and have now started acupunture too!


MrsDx in reply to Hollibob

Good luck to you too. I also have a blocked tube so double wammy! Who would have thought ttc would open such a can of worms?! I love reflexology and see it as a little treat to help along the way. Thinking of accupuncture too but not found anywhere local yet. Fingers crossed for us both xx

Hollibob in reply to MrsDx

It's definitely good to have some 'you' time to relax.

What area are you in? I'd always prefer to have someone that is recommended to me for that sort of treatment...

Peterborough. How often do you go to accupuncture and reflexology?

Hollibob in reply to MrsDx

Sorry for the delay MrsDx.

Due to working shifts and my reflexologist working set days, I tend to see her around every 3 weeks. You definitely become more aware of what aches your feet refer to!

If you haven't got friends or family that can recommend a reflexologist or acupuncturist, then you could try asking on here, via the consultant/nurses you are seeing and also via the clinic you are thinking about being your first choice :-)

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