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Today is our FET day! πŸ™πŸ™

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Well the day is finally here, we've had the call from our clinic this morning to tell us that our little Frostie has thawed out and is ready for our transfer today at 1pm. Let's hope that he/she is a fighter πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ.

It's been a long journey to get here, after 3 rounds of failed IVF this is our one and only 5 day blastocyst and a good grade at 4AA, we've only got to day 3 transfers before so feel like this is the furthest we've come to date.

We are feeling hopeful and optimistic and I feel like I've done everything possible, the rest is down to Mother Nature and Lady Luck. I pray they are both with me today πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™. I'm trying to focus on this chance and not let my mind wander into what ifs and what's next as that thought is very daunting.

Good luck to all you lovely ladies having your transfers today too xxx

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Good luck xxx

Good luck xx

Wishing you lots of luck! X

Good luck hun xx

Good luck! :) xxxxx


Good luck xx

Good luck xx

Good luck. Finger crossed for you xxx

Hope it went ok Hannah, I had mine today too and it was just the one as well but a good quality one which had stayed the same as before the freeze. Let's hope it's our time, hope the 2ww goes fast for you xx

Hannah143 in reply to Georgina78

Ooooo so exciting! I hope your little embie is a safe and sound and that you get your BFP, when is your test date? Xx

Good luck X so hope it's your time X

Hope it went well, good luck with the 2ww! Xx

Sounds very promising! Wish you a smooth and relaxed transfer - take it easy and wish you all the luck in the world with this one xx

Hm I guess my post to you didn't actually post! Hope it all went well :) your story is very like mine 3 fresh transfers all day 3 all BFN 1 Frozen 5 day from very first cycle transferred in March and a BFP! Best of luck to you. Hopeful and realistic is the best mix. Xx

Hannah143 in reply to LHow81

Ah no sorry it didn't, but it has done now, Oooo congratulations to you, that's just the best news and so good to hear it's worked from you 5day little Frostie.

I'm praying this time it works πŸ™πŸ™xx

Hi Hannah - how did you get on with your transfer? Everything sounds so positive with your little blasto! Hope you are resting well - take care and lots of luck! x x x

Hey , everything went well, it thawed out nicely, she said a little slow to start but was all good by lunchtime. We had glue this time too so hoping that it helps it stay put and so it can nestle down. I had the afternoon off yesterday but back to work today, but it's desk job so nothing too physical.

Keep thinking about it today, hoping that it's still there.

How are you? Xx

Oh I'm sure it will be all snuggled in nicely for you ☺️ Just take it easy and make sure you take care of yourself. Keep us updated! I am doing ok. Not quite there yet but much better thanks x x x

hi, so how's it? is it positive?

hope so

keep us updated

it's always a pleasure to read pregnancy announcements here


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