2ww, test Sunday, 5th cycle


I test on Sunday and just feeling a bit nervous because I know people don't feel pregnant at this point but just hoping to feel ill (sounds weird but I'll be glad to feel ill) just hope it all works out this time and we get our miracle. Just wondered how anyone else felt at the end of 2ww, ill or fine?

Sending lots of luck and hope to you all

Kelly xx

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  • I am so nervous for you babe, wishing the time away until Sunday, but then not wanting it to come to quick because no news is good news. Wishing, hoping everything all in one for this to be your time my precious Daughter xx with all my love xx so emotional for you xx

  • Thanks mum xx your so supportive and always there Thankyou and hoping and praying so so much xx

  • The 2ww is so awful but you are doing so well holding out until your official test date. I didn't feel ill, I had one or two days feeling dizzy and it felt like AF was about to start but that was all. I have everything crossed for you xxxx

  • Thankyou so much xx

  • On my first cycle, I had lots of pregnancy symptoms, including an increased sense of smell. On my second cycle, my only symptom was a mouth ulcer. The first cycle didn't work but the second one did! Try not to send yourself crazy by symptom spotting! Xx

  • It's our fifth time but I always worry just hoping it's our time X Thankyou X

  • Wishing you all the luck in the world for your BFP on Sunday xx

  • I got my BFP last Monday and had no symptoms at all! Good luck x

  • hi I test on Tuesday. I had some brown discharge day 6 but nothing since. Not the slightest symptom now. I feel like it was there and now don't feel it at all I that makes sense. My body feels like it normally does. No change in breasts. No excess pee. Nothing. I am so tempted to test but know I must not cave in and should wait. It is so hard. I have booked myself a massage today . Luckily the rest of my day is busy too. Yesterday I spent the day depressed and low. I did start writing down my feelings though and will carry on with this. I do feel this helped .

  • Hi Mandy,

    I know it's a worry isn't it xx I'm keeping busy too and wish you lots of luck X what kind of massage are you having? I'd check with you consultant about that Hun. Good to write down your feelings, I have a book that I write in about what's happened and it does help.

    Wishing you lots of luck and hope

    Kelly xx

  • hi. It is a body massage. I did let my consultant know and he said it maybe good idea. I wish ypu luck too. Not long to go now x

  • Good luck for Sunday, you are an incredibly strong person going through this five times I really hope you get your BFP xx

  • Hi Kelly! I believe I was on 8dpo when I felt like I had implantation cramping for 2days. It was gone the next day. I had symptoms for the last week. My breasts hurt on the sides by my arms and around. I have had a light nausea for a few days. My cervix also dropped later from being high and firm. I should say any symptoms could be signs of pregnancy depending on what's normal for you before af. So that their absence is also the sign. ;) Our journey ended successfully in Ukrainian clinic some time ago. We passed DE ivf. Another thing about 2ww - I had been super moody and easily angered –lol. Be strong, hun, fingers crossed X

  • I was convinced I was going to come on, felt so typically pre menstrual... Had spotting, cramps, sore boobs, bloating. Tested 13dp FET and got my first ever BFP! I was gob smacked! I've thought I was pregnant on a few occasions before and wasn't and this time I really didn't think I was so you really never know! Best of luck! πŸ€

  • Just wanted to wish you so much luck kelly, I really hope it's your time πŸ™πŸ» you've been through so much xxx

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