Cycle Buddies start April 19th

Hi All, wondered if anyone was starting a cycle soon? Ours is going to be long protocal starting on 19th April.

This is our first time and im really excited about getting going as its been a long 4.5 years coming, couldnt help cry when we went for our consultation app yesterday when she gave us a start date.

I do wonder how ill feel on the medication as i feel pretty emotional all the time at the moment...anxious excited scared ☺

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  • Hiya, when you say your start date is the 19th is that day 1 of your period? We are going to sign paperwork on the 6th april and get treatment plan.. My day 1 is due around 25th april so hoping thats when we can start. How long was it between you signing and getting started?xx

  • Hi, 19th is the day start the down reg medication.

    We went for our consultation app yesterday and signed consent forms,where they said we could start this cycle as it was day 1 of my cycle then.

    The down regs meds start on day 21 of your cycle.

    Our full plan appoinment is the18th so will get locked in dates for scans etc then, but start on treatment on 19th.

    Hope that helps x

  • Thanks yes it does, good luck 😊xx

  • Hey hun! My second cycle is hopefully going to be around 21st April aswell so we can be buddies! Best of luck x

  • Awesome best of luck and sending positive thoughts. X x

  • NDE1987 Any advice for first timer?

  • Hey hun! The only advice I can give is please don't over think anything and don't think too much ahead :) just take one day at a time because things can change so quickly. With my first cycle I was so excited and was very strict with diet etc which you should ideally be eating healthy but just don't forget to be you aswell. I thought I would only be down regulating for 2 weeks but it turned into 4 and I had a health scare along the way! And at egg collection I only had 3 eggs. I'm hoping with this new medication I get more and it's a BFP this time around! Are you taking folic acid or pregnacare? I would recommend taking that and just to try and be relaxed :)

    This second cycle I am going to be more relaxed and not over think and take one day at a time to! Xxxxx

  • Hello :) Yup, I'm starting on 10th April - try to distract yourself until your start date - I know it's hard but you need to save your strength, it's a long 2 months! I didn't feel at all ill with down reg drugs - you might not feel any different than normal (cross fingers!). Good luck and keep us posted!xxx

  • Thanks am trying and thats gd to hear, good luck to you too!

  • Hey I think I will be starting around the same time as you for our 2nd cycle :-). Good luck xxx

  • Great Goodluck hope all goes well x

  • Hi Emden6, I'm starting tomorrow so a couple of weeks ahead of you but close by so will be watching your journey closely.

    It's our first cycle too so I have no words of wisdom I'm afraid but share your concerns about the medication. Decided I just need to take it one stage at a time.

    All the very best of luck to you for a successful cycle. Xx

  • I'm due to start my down reg on 20th so would LOVE a cycle buddy!! It's my first time too and we've been trying for 6 years now, so with you on the excitement/anticipation/freaking out ever so slightly front!! 😜 Best of luck! xx

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