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First cycle = Failed :-(


Hi All

Just got back from clinic and unfortunately they have had to cancel this cycle due to Tiny and very few follicles , Feel gutted and a bit upset as would have been lovely to get to E.C stage. My hormone levels are extremely low too. Well maybe I'll have better luck next time . Going to look forwards to Christmas now. Hope you are all as okay as can be . X

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Hi wizzleandmolly. So sorry to hear this, it's such an enormous blow for you both. Perhaps time to think of a different protocol?? Meanwhile look after you. Diane

Thank you Diane. We have a follow up appointment with our consultant next week. I had a good nights sleep but just feel empty this morning, I guess I just didn't expect the cycle to be cancelled . Its nice that its the weekend and hubby is home :-) Just not sure what to ask the consultant but guess she will know whats best for the next cycle . Once again thanks for your kind message .

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to wizzleandmolly

Hi wizzleandmolly. Just to wish you both well with your follow up appointment. Not sure whether you have a copy of my list of questions to ask at the clinic, but if not I can email them to you if you want. My confidential email address is

Hi wizzleandmolly, sorry to know it. Ivf is a game for strong and brave girls as you are. Everything will be OK and yr dreams will come true. Be positive and believe.

Thank you :-)

I am so sorry to hear. Hang in there, it is good to see that you are still trying to remain positive! Better luck with the next round. Just look after and be kind to yourself in the meantime. ☺

wizzleandmolly in reply to Cino

Thanks :-)

Hey hun

Sorry to hear this hun, it happened to me last week. It's so disappointing, did they start you on too low a dose? I've read a few things and it's says no cycle is ever the same so hopefully we have lots of mature follicles next time. Chin up xxx

Aww thanks for your message, not really sure but guess they need to try different things to try and work out the best treatment. I cant grumble as they are all really lovely at our clinic. Yes better luck for us both next time. sorry to hear you have been through the same . Never realised I would feel this gutted.. :-)

I know I spent all day in tears on Wednesday. Now I just tell myself it wasn't meant to be and it wouldn't have worked for me 1st time round it makes me feel a little better. The nurse said the first cycle is a learning curve so hopefully our next protocol works for us. We just have the annoying wait for aunt flo to arrive now hopefully she shows up very soon xxx

:-) XX

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