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Hi everyone. Just thought I'd update my last post. We had embryo transfer after our 1st cycle of IVF on 20th July and our test day was yesterday. Unfortunately I started bleeding last Sunday and have continued to do so. Unsurprisingly the test was negative. This is the hardest thing I've ever been through. My husband and I are gutted but I know we should be more positive in that there are no big problems with us so hopefully we will be luckier next time. Good luck to everyone with your treatment x

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  • Sorry to hear you did not get the result we all want for each other. Big hugs x

  • Kelly1807 aww big hugs Hunny xxx

  • So sorry to hear it was a BFN. Hopefully next time it'll be a BFP.

  • It's always hard, it will get easier thankful you have more chances xx

  • Hi Kelly

    I know how this feels - we had our first fresh cycle back in May and I started to bleed the day before OTD so I kind of knew that it hadn't worked - it really is gutting. However at our follow up they could not pin point a real reason for it failing so unfortunately it is just a numbers game. We had 5 eggs collected, only 3 were viable and by day 5 two were strong and one they wanted to keep growing. We had one transferred, one frozen and the third one didn't make it.

    We have discussed changing our protocol if we have to have another fresh cycle so they will or should discuss this with you at your follow up.

    Take time to grieve as it didn't really hit me until a few days after then I was just in bits but in time you will be ready for your follow up appointment and go armed with lots of questions and get a plan of action ready!

    Have a quiet weekend and take care of one another, if anything I have found that this whole process has brought us closer together (if that was possible)

    Holly xx

  • So sorry sending hugs xx

  • Good luck ok your next try hon, it is really really hard, but with a great hubby you'll both get through this

  • Really sorry to hear this, it's incredibly hard and unfair.

    Take time out for yourself and good luck with whatever you decide happens next xx

  • So sorry to hear this. Our first round of ICSI failed and we were devastated. We chose to start our FET as soon as I got my next period. We had our BFP on that FET and I am now 13 weeks 5 days ☺️

    Hang on I there, not many people have their BFP on the first go. Xx

  • Bfn are rubbish, look after yourself. 2nd cycle is much easier as you now set by set what's happening xxx

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