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Hello, Just feeling a bit disheartened at the moment. My wife & I went through IVF recently. My wife always wanted to carry so we transferred my eggs to her. 2 was transferred to her on day 5. We did her 1st test this morning ( 10 days after transfer ) and the test has come back negative. My wife felt so sure she was pregnant. Sore breast, bit of brown spotting on day 5 after transfer, bit moodier than usual. We are going to do another test in a couple of days then a blood test at the clinic. I have read a few post where people got a negative test & then tried again a few weeks later & it was positive so im hoping for that. Anyone else been through this & ended up with a positive result after blood test? Im not giving up hope yet thats for sure xx Thank you for reading

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  • Hello! I haven't been in your shoes as I had to go for the beta hcg test, and I avoided the pee on a stick as I knew I wouldn't believe it either way! It might be that your wife's hcg is low at the mo, and the stick can't pick it up, especially if you are testing early. Hcg levels vary so much from woman to woman so hang on in there for the blood test! 🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻 xxx

  • Hello, in my first cycle of ivf, I got al d the home tests even just one day before the OTD, but got positive result on the test day...however my hcg level was only 25 and the first bfp ended in miscarriage after few my fet round I never tested at home because negative test gives lots of torture...wish u bfp in ur blood test....

  • Fingers crossed that you guys still get your BFP, it might just be too early xxx

  • My clinic really very strongly advised to wait to day 16 as it is not an accurate reading either way before then - I would test again in a few days as you can't know for sure until enough time has lapsed for hcg to rise - wishing you all the best x

  • Thank you Linda. I just replied about this below. Stating how people have been told to wait longer than 10 days. my sister in law was told 18 days. Is it just the clinics having different time scales? or other reasons behind it?

    Thank you for getting in touch xxx

  • Thank you everyone. Its really nice that you all messaged. lovewinspain so sorry to hear of your news hun. Will you be trying again? We are keeping hope of the blood test as i read quite a lot of storys on different sights about the wee test being negative and blood test being postive. So still staying positive till the very end. I also did a lot of reading where many people was told to wait a full 2 week and not 10 days. My sister in law was told to wait 18 days. So it seems like its different lead times at different clinics, or am i missing something and we have different times for different reasons?

    I think if we go through this again i would certainly avoid a 10 day test and just wait for the blood test.

    Thank you all for your kind words xxx

  • My clinic said that you need to be confident that the medication containing hcg (pregnyl or whatever was used as the trigger) is fully out of your system and that if you are pregnant you have allowed enough time for your natural hcg to rise - in life outside IVF you wouldn't normally test until you have fully missed a period and therefore 16 plus days would give your body that time to provide a more accurate reading - I tried to get my clinic to reduce the waiting time as we had a 5db transfer and they said a pretty definitive no! Wishing you lots of luck x

  • Thank you Linda for your kind words xxxx

  • Hello everyone, Just a question. We have 1 frostie. If this blood test comes back nagative, Would we be able to tarnsfer to my wife soon whilst shes still on the meds to strenghen her womb? or will they want her to stop, have a period and start from the beginning again?

  • hello positive1234!

    well, I haven't faced with the positive-negative issues personally, but I'm not a new member to different communities and can tell you for sure that such things happen all the time. beta day differs from clinic to clinic actually and very often women expect that they can get bfp if they test a few days before beta, but it doesn't happen all the time, you see. And you shouldn't also trust home tests. Cheapy isn't the best way to get precise result. Digitals are more sensitive but blood test is the best way to find out the result. fingers crossed for your wife's positive x

  • agree with Pet. I tested on 8dp5dt although my beta was on day 14th and I got what I deserved, bfn I mean. I was so impatient that I couldn't think about anything but testing. Lost focus on everything and felt not so good to be honest. in addition my first test was a stick and you should know it's not that accurate as a digital one, not to say a blood test. I was devastated and was afraid of having blood test when it should be done (st.Valentines day). but things have changed.

    The day of beta depends on a trigger, if I'm not mistaken drs call it so. and your day of testing must be when there are no traces of this medication in your blood besides natural hcg.

    I'm thinking of you two, b-dust!!

  • Hi we went to the clinic yesterday and they just gave us a Clear blue Test to try again this morning ( 12dpt.They didnt do a bloods as we may thought. She said if the test come back negative my wife was to stop the treatment she was taking that was prepping her whomb for the transfer. So shes stop taking the medication today. They say she should get a bleed now. As sad as it is, I can only say its not the end of the road but the start of a new journey ( A nervous one ) We have learnt so much from this process, We have laughed, we have cried and all it all it brought us even closer.

    How ever hard it all seems we all have to try and be postive.. We all have options, even it that leads us to the adpotion route. There are plenty or little ones out there who would love to be loved by ladies like us. xxx

    I wish everyone the best.

    Thank you all for your post xx

  • my oh my, I'm so sorry! are you sure? 12th day was meant to be the day for beta? it's so sad really. maybe there is a slightest chance?

    I wish you nothing but strength these days. You ladies deserve to be happy. Don't give up though. maybe try again later or try donor eggs or surrogacy with your eggs. you're right, plenty of options and plenty of babies who need love.

    Lots of love xxx

  • Hi Yes we are sure, we was there yesterday for an hour. The home test was a BFN, Im sure the clinic know whats what. Plus thats the 3rd test we had taken. one 10dpt, 11dpt, 12dpt ( today ) and still Negative. But will we will keep going thats for sure.

    Thank you Minerva17 for your kind words xxx

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