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Negative pregnancy test - icsi

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Just an update, did our pregnancy test 14dp5dt this morning, and it was negative. Feeling totally heartbroken. Feeling like I've let everyone down again, had a missed miscarriage in 2014 and blamed myself for that too. This is just totally rubbish, dreading my period, they are normally painful and heavy, but heard they can be bad when you've been on progesterone. Good luck to everyone else, hope you have better luck than us..I truly hope that out next cycle gives us the baby I'm so wanting x x

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So sorry to read this. Sending love xxx

So so sorry for your news this morning.

Bless you, you have not let anyone down.


Oh hun I'm so very sorry 😢 this whole process can be so cruel. Look after yourself sweetie I hope you have some good support around you xxx💔

Sorry to hear this. The same happened to me we only had 2 embies and both failed to implant. I started spotting two days before test date so knew it was over and to make matters worse i bled over the pregnancy stick so felt it was pointless buying it and testing. My period lasted a full 7 days but was not really heavy just a long drawn out one. This journey is so upsetting at times. I felt like my body had failed me and rejected them. I cried for 3 weeks but eventually picked myself up somehow and having one more cycle in October. Good luck for your next one Xxxx

I’m so sorry to hear this. This journey can be truly awful at times. Thinking of you xoxo

I'm really sorry, sending hugs xxx

Aww... please don’t feel like you’ve let anyone down. BFN’s are truly rubbish. Sending you big hugs 💕 xx

Im really sorry to hear this! Please dont blame yourself, its nobodys fault. Huge hugs.xx

Oh I am so sad to read this. Sending you big hugs xxx

So sorry for you, it’s not your fault! This journey is definitely the hardest but look after yourself and try to keep positive, something good will come your way x

My first fresh cycle failed but my frozen was successful so stay positive! I have everything crossed for you. X

I’m so sorry. Bfns are horrible horrible things. It’s not fair 😔 xx

So sorry. Take some time out for you to spoil yourself xx

Oh Hun I’m so so sorry to hear this. Even sadder to hear that you’re blaming yourself - please try not to - you’ve done absolutely everything you could have done.

BFNs are so hard to handle, there’s no right way. Hope you’re with your OH today as planned and that you’re looking after each other.

Sending you lots of love xxx

Yes he took the day off work, we did he test so early his morning so he could go to work, and we never went back to sleep so I'm exhausted now. I drove to our local city and we wandered around the shops, in a world of my own and kept randomly crying. I'm now having a long awaited bath, as I read somewhere to avoid them till after testing. Going to be so weird not having to do my progesterone, have been so structured this last month and half with the meds, gonna feel a little lost I think. I didn't expect to feel this sad. I hope you're doing ok, and work has been kind to you x x

Thanks hun, what a tough week it's been - I have a tension headache which started on Tuesday when I went back to work - I can't seem to shake it. The grief is getting easier to deal with emotionally but my body definitely has a lot of physical stress signs which I hope will go away soon. Glad you looked after yourself, you deserve it xxx

Aw, I'm sorry, honey. This is sad news. But, please don't lose hope. I can understand it must have been tough. But, I'm glad you're looking to move on, already. It shows how brave you are. Fingers crossed the next one brings a BFP!

I'm sorry you Didn't get your baby this time hope you have lots of love and support around you no one will ever think you let them down when you feel ready hope all works out for you x

So sorry to hear this, take care of yourself, such a difficult process, be kind to yourself xx

I’m so sorry to see this. BFNs are heartbreaking. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you have not let anyone down. Lots of love xxx

I am sorry to hear this, this is totally awful. I know how negative results affect you emotionally more than physical. Mind what age are you? Did you see a fertility doctor? Because it is said if you are TTC for more than three years, then you must seek professional help. And according to my experience, I have delayed my parenthood on purpose And now I am unable to conceive naturally. Therefore, I would suggest you talk with a fertility doctor. It will allow you to determine your chances of conception and how fertile are you. A mild issue can be treated with medication and a healthy diet. Sending lots of prayers and hugs. Don't stress, stay positive. Hopefully, something greater coming your way

I had fertility treatment - ICSI, that's what I wrote in my post title. I had embryo transfer 2 weeks ago

So so sorry hun. Mine was BFN too 😪

Sorry for your negative too, hope you're ok x

:-( xx

I’m so sorry for your negative outcome, all that pain and treatment feels like a waste and it’s such an emotional journey.


oh huni, I'm very sorry, it must be so difficult now... please don't blame yourself. we ladies here know well how you are feeling now but please try to think rationally: it's not your fault at all, be proud of yourself for not giving up and keeping up the fight. Big hug <3

So sorry to hear this. Sending lots of love xxx

Do not blame yourself, this process is so very hard but nothing is your fault. You look after yourself thinking of you xx

I had my 1st round of icsi transfer negative pregnancy test confirmed today so I completly understand how dis heartened it feels. How many tries have you gone through? I'm new to this site but needed to talk to people who are going through the same emotions as myself. Xx

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