Is it positive or what?

Is it positive or what?

So I've had the embryo transfer on Monday and I know I have to wait 2w before testing but I couldn't resist, I've tested today around midday and I've got just the faint positive sign + so I am not sure if that means I'm pregnant? If u get this could it change to negative later or will it get stronger and stronger?? I was very excited started jumping up and down then realised I shouldn't of done this and now I'm just thinking too much I don't want to have false hopes as it's still too early to check although I had brown discharge day after ET so now thinking about t it might of been implantaion spitting?? Any idea ladies? Does the test looks like positive to u or is it just my eyes, pls tell me I'm pregnant ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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  • I can definitely see a cross, really hope that it's your BFP! X

  • I hope so Daisy

  • Hi! I can see a cross to... when is it meant to be your offical test day? I know it's hard not to test!! Iv done that before and just been left rubbish when it's a negative BUT yours looks like a postive:) x

  • my official 14 days window should finish in 10 days, but I've been having awful nausea and I thought this cant be only from the progesterone tablets, so I went to test today and I doubted that I will find something but in the same time I was hoping i will and its should that faint plus so lets hope it gets darker and darker, where about r u now? how many days till ur 2ww finish?

  • Awww Good luck!! I had 2 failed iui cycles in Feb and may. But I did suffer from the side effects of those progesterone tablets and I did get that sick feeling and cramping and my back hurt! Which made me think I was going to get a BFP! But I never:( I have my first ivf appointment in September so I am just on a break until then :) maybe wait until your offical test day or test again in a couple of days because if you took a trigger shot before egg collection this may still be in your body x

  • I really don't want to dash your hopes, but there is a strong possibility that it could be a false positive from the HCG injection you would have done prior to egg collection... As it is the same hormone that is detected in a pregnancy test. I was told it can take a while to get out your system hence why they say not to test early. I'm hoping yours is a BFP but try not to get your hopes up.

  • As embie momma says, it depends when you had the hcg injection (unless you did FET and did put have this?) and wether you had a 2,3 or 5 day transfer.

    I think the hcg injection can stay in your system for upto 12 days? So that usually why it's advised not to test early and wait until OTD.

    Good luck... Hope it's a positive for you come test day x

  • Oh baby hope, as others have said, keep looking after yourself and well done on your positivity.... But be gentle on yourself as it takes a while for the trigger shot hormones to come out of your system... And progesterone does cause so many strong symptoms like nausea etc. Not wanting to spoil your excitement, as I hope your dreams come true but be careful of getting your hopes up. It seems so harsh to say but there are so many steps along this path that you need to climb along the way. Any ways, hope my message hasn't sounded too strong - just read your message and felt a skip in my heart. All the very best.

  • thank u ladies for your comments, I wasn't aware of how long the trigger shot stays in the body, I've read online it could last between 48hrs to 10 days, I'm not testing anymore till end of next week as you said its just better to wait and not get false hopes, I was very excited and i still have hope to be honest, so hopefully things will keep progressing the right direction xxx

  • Looks positive to me. Congratulations. Good luck for OTD x

  • so how's u doing, sis? any news?

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