Still positive, Scan booked!

Hey all u lovely ladies,

So as most of u kno I bled for 3 day heavy before my official test date I thought it was all over but clini wanted me to continue and still test on my official test day which was 9th may so I did and got a faint positive and since the line has been gettig darker and darker x the clinic has now booked my scan date which is 5th June and it can't come quick enough x I feel pregnant now and I'm believing it more and more but their is stall a small part of me which is scared incase the scan shows I'm not xxx hope but all well x lots of baby dust for U all ❀️

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  • Sunnysarah01 that's fantastic news!!!

    Let us know how the scan goes, don't worry & no stress just look after yourself & continue life as normal but cut out all things pregnant women (like you) must cut out!!!! I'm so happy for you πŸ˜€ xxx

  • Amazing news. Good Luck

  • That's great news! Good luck with your scan x

  • Good luck sunnysarah xx fingers crossed for you xx

  • That's great news hun.!!!!β˜ΊπŸ’—πŸ’ŸπŸ’œπŸ’ž

    Love it! Take care.

  • Good luck to you xx

  • Sounding positive my love, keep resting & the 5th will come round before you know it. Xxx

  • Good luck, think positive. Some women bleed during pregnancy and its normal for them. Fingers crossed for you, let us know how u get on

  • That's amazing news good luck with the scan hope all goes well xxx.

  • That's excellent!! Congratulations! Xx

  • Hiya ive got my first scan a week thurs and im like you, im just so worried that i may get a chemical pregnancy. I dont quite believe it that im pregnant and cant really enjoy it till im 3 months as just hear so many stories on here. Im thinking it may be best not to come on this site for a while but hard not to. Been so long waiting for this appt you must feel the same. Im not sure how far gone i am though. Had egg transfer 24 april. Do they count it from then or before?

  • I ovulated on 24th, my scan is a week today, if we are both pregnant then we will be due on the same day. Good luck.

  • Thanku everyone x ginger I feel exactly the same x don't think ill fully relax untill I'm 12 weeks x had a HCG blood test last fri n got my results today and my HCG is 941 I don't really understand if that's good or what I just kno that it's needs to be a bit 10.000 when I hav it done again this fri 😁 I'm not sure when they go from me ET was on 29th April n that was a blastocyst x I've downloaded a pregnancy app well 3 and they all class fertilisation as 2weeks gone so basically egg collection is two gone already? If so I'm about 5wks 5days? Lol I don't get it x let me kno how ur scan goes and how far gone u are so I can work mine out lol xxx

  • fingers crossed for you dear xx

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