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10dp 5dfet - tested early BFN


So I caved and did a clear blue test this morning and got a BFN. I knew it would be and wanted to do it early so I stop day dreaming about the future.

I know there's still hope as my test dates are 2nd & 4th August but really, is there any likelihood that this will change between now and then?!

I'm just so devastated. I can't realistically see that we can have another go at this and so this was my last hope really. Still, I suppose at least I know now so it won't be as hard next week...

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So sorry to hear your news! Personally mine did show by then, but some don't. A lady on another support group got bfn upto test day and then on that day a really strong bfp! Fx for you

CLAS in reply to TeamMonkey

Thanks TeamMonkey. There is still some hope then, but I think I know realistically that's it over for us. Not to worry, I'll just hate taking my medications for the next 6 days!!! Take care and thank you again Xx

I am so sorry to hear this. I just read your earlier post so I know how much this one meant to you. It is possible that it may turn positive later on as I have heard this happen for some ladies. Try and keep positive xxx

You never know it is possible you will still get a bfp on test date don't give up yet xx

I hope you get your BFP maybe the HCG level is abit low to detect, I hope it is and it works for you x

Hi CLAS im at the same stage as you. Im in cd29 and tested today got a BFN. I feel like its over this month but im actually due af aug 6th so their is always hope. I really want it to wotk this month as my husband works away abroad so we see each other after a few months. So stay positive and test after your missed af. Has anyone got BFP late in a cycle? X

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