OMG it's really happening 😃

Hello ladies in my previous posts I wrote that over a year ago we went through unsuccessful icsi cycle... We Learn a lots and feeling much stronger then before trying to stay positive this time. We change the clinic which look all diferent this time. Before I was on 150 injection which they collect 11 eggs ...but now I'm gonna use goal f 300 dose which doctor say that they want to stimulate my ovary to max . My drugs just come 2day and my day 21 is on 24th 😃 Half of my fridge shelf is full of goal f injections 😃 Wow we gonna start us second this time IVF cycle...mention that my new doc still don't understand why we had icsi in first place seeing my hubby results that they I really good . I'm so excited about it and my hubby too. First I'm gonna be on spray for a 2-3 weeks only twice a day two sniff in a morning and in a evening then appointment to see a doctor for scan and blood test how the thing is going and from that they gonna tell us when to start injection that gonna be around 18 aug and in meantime scans blood test and around 29aug egg collection 😃 Ladies I read all of u storys and I'm happy when u happy and sad when u sad because I know how we all feel here... Now I need to stay positive and just waiting for my "little miracle to finally come true "...😃😃 baby dust to u all xx

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  • Awww Good luck on your journey and hope you get your BFP!!!!! X

  • Thank u Hun xx

  • Hi Olivia1980xxx. Just wanted to add my good wishes too for a free flowing, uneventful cycle with a positive result. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank u Diane special that this time we gonna use embryo glue ...every little help ☺️ We went through so much that the only thing we got left is hope that finally we will have us little miracle. Thank u Diane mean a lot xx

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