It's all finally happening

Hi Ladies,

So I have my injection training on Friday and will be due to do the 1st one Tuesday/Wednesday next week! I can't actually believe it. As I'll only be doing them for 10-12 days, my tiny little embryo could actually have been transferred back by the end of the month! I know I'm getting ahead of my self but I can't actually believe after 2 years of waiting that it's all go go go now!

It seems to make everything so much sweeter too by the fact that I'm egg sharing, so I know somewhere out there there's another lady who is just as excited/nervous/anxious as I am! I hope I can make her dream come true as well as mine!

I literally have everything crossed and am trying to stay as positive as possible!

Good luck to all you other lovely ladies xxxxxxxx

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  • Brilliant news missav :) I am so happy for you :) Wishing you and the other lady the very best with your ivf treatment :) Keep me posted X

  • Hi Jess,

    Thank you so much. It all feels very surreal at the moment, think May is going to be a bit of a whirlwind! xx

  • I've my appointment this month too. Here's to May!!! Let's hope it brings joy to us both :) All the best with it X

  • Ooooh how exciting! All the best to you too! Keep me posted xxx

  • I should hopefully (if everything goes to pla) be having my training in a few weeks too 😁.Good Luck to both of you πŸ€ xxx

  • Hi lily-White!

    That's great news - I still can't decide if I want to do it myself or have my partner do it, what are you thoughts?

    All the best and good luck too xx

  • Hello lily-white :)

    I'm not having ivf yet.. I had to cancel my cycle that was scheduled in march due to discovering that I had cyst on right ovary (which should resolve itself) And a submucusol fibroid. So clinic and I thought it best to put ivf on hold. Need to give myself the best chance of ivf working :) Been refered to an nhs clinic to see if they need to remove my fibroid as it's causing bleeding in between my cycles/heavy painful periods and prob infertility too. Seeing a consultant 18th may :)

    Wishing you the very best with your ivf cycle And hope it's successful :D X

  • Jess1981 I'm sorry that you've had a rough time and had to put a pause on things. However like you say better to be 100% with everything working with you. Good luck with your appointment - everything crossed for you. Xx

  • I'm starting to get really nervous now!!! I don't think I will have much choice - my partner is a bit of a pansy πŸ™Š you should have seen his face when he realised he had to have blood tests too πŸ˜‚. I've heard its best to alternate sides and that when u pinch the skin it actually hurts more than the injection. Let's hope so!!! Xx

  • Lol Awww bless him! Yea I've been using the pinch an inch excuse to mean I can have the odd treat every now & again lol! I'll let you know how I get on xxx

  • Hi Miss Sav I had my injection training this week and last norithisterone tablet yesterday. So fingers crossed will be starting my injections Monday/Tuesday next week!! I'm starting to feel anxious about the whole process but I'm trying to stay positive! Hope you are okay xx

  • Hi Wonji1, oh wow we could be starting at the same time! Have they told you how long you'll be doing your injections for? I'm good thank you, trying to keep focused on the end result :-) xx

  • Hi Misssav I know how exciting you will have to let me know when you have your first injection day. Erm they said it will depend on how I respond to the drugs so I'll be on 4 ampules of merional for 6 days and then also take cetrotide from day six. They have said that the first scans are between day 6 and 8 and they will see how things are developing and amend medication if needed! Then repeat scans every other dayWhat have they said to you? Fingers and toes crossed for us both 😊 xx

  • I'm waiting for AF to show so I can start my gonal F injections. Unfortunately my husband is away on a business trip so while I'm going for injections, scans and blood tests he'll be settling into his Business Class seat with a glass of Champagne. Men always seem to get the best deal in this, even when you're having to have ICSI!!!!!

  • Hi Kernishp,

    Oh no :-( I hope you have some good support around you and aren't doing it all alone. I know, we do seem the get the raw end of the deal, but I'm trying to keep focused on holding my tiny little baby at the end of all this. And atleast we get the amazing feeling of our baby kicking and moving inside us, men don't get to experience that! :-P lol! Keep me posted with then you start your injections. Good luck! x

  • Exciting times ahead for us all. I start injecting today but I am on the long cycle so I start on buserelin for 2 weeks then I have to up the dose and also inject fostimon so 2 injections a day!!πŸ˜’πŸ’‰. I am dreading it but I just try to keep focused on why I am doing it and I cant wait to be a mummy πŸ‘ͺ?πŸ’‘. ?πŸ‘ͺπŸ‘ͺ xx

    Thats amazing that your sharing your eggs, I would love to help somone else with their dream aswell xx

    Good luck on your journey. Fingers crossed for you x

  • Hi mrsmc84,

    How have you got on with your 1st injections? Think my 1st one will be Wednesday or Thursday. Have never been so desperate for my period lol! All the best to you too! Please keep us posted! xxxxx

  • Hi. So sprry I have only just seen your reply.

    I am getting on ok with the injections thanks. How are you getting on with everything?? X

  • Hi girls, I have my injection training on 25th may then start my first ivf cycle with my next period due on 5th June. Are any of you doing the short protocol? Good luck to you all will any of you be starting the beginning of June with me? Xx

  • Hi Sophieeee, I'm doing the short protocol :-) Just waiting to come on and then will start injections! eeeek! xx

  • Aww Misssav that's good news I can't wait to just get started now any idea when your due? Hopefully if everything goes to plan mine will be the beginning of June. Good luck xx

  • I am due on any day frustrating, have never been so desperate for a period lol! Feels strange. Am now hoping it won't be till later in the week though as I'm not sure if they open on bank holidays and it looks like my egg collection could fall on this date if I come on today lol! Am just trying to focus on work, but it's sooo difficult!

    Good luck to you too xx

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