Still no period

Sorry girls this is a bit of a rant! I still haven't started my period. 8 days late now and still all my tests have been a negative. I really don't know what to do.... I spoke to my docs and they said they can't do anything.... called my hospital where I am having treatment and my doc isn't in until next week. Can you get a positive after a few weeks??? 😌

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  • 8 days late is too early for home test . Can't see midwife until home test is positive.

    I was 52 days late and not pregnant.

  • Hi Julia what happened in your case? Did the doc give you medicine to start your period? I have 28 days cycles every month and this is the first month that I am late. I really need to either start my period so I can start my iui treatment again. Why do all those pregancy tests say you can test up to 4 days early!!!! I am so confused :(

  • Home pregnancy test are not 100% accurate. In case of pregnancy,HCG levels can change after few weeks and show positive .

    If negative for 3-4 weeks ,not pregnant.

    Doctor could not explain for my late period. Late period can happen even in healthy person.

  • Thanks Julia. I will wait until Friday and call my nurse again as she did say to call back if I haven't still started. My mind is a bit all over the place now as this hasn't happened before. I hate this whole process!! All I want is a baby 😢

  • I have been through this. You will get NHS midwife appointment only after your home test is positive. papaya can help for late period.

  • Typical when you want it to come it doesn't. Stress can do funny things to our bodies. HPTs are designed to be used from 1st day of a missed period. I missed a period and my GP wasn't bothered. I'm afraid that you'll have to wait to speak to your consultant.

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