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Still no period

Sorry girls this is a bit of a rant! I still haven't started my period. 8 days late now and still all my tests have been a negative. I really don't know what to do.... I spoke to my docs and they said they can't do anything.... called my hospital where I am having treatment and my doc isn't in until next week. Can you get a positive after a few weeks??? 😌

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8 days late is too early for home test . Can't see midwife until home test is positive.

I was 52 days late and not pregnant.


Hi Julia what happened in your case? Did the doc give you medicine to start your period? I have 28 days cycles every month and this is the first month that I am late. I really need to either start my period so I can start my iui treatment again. Why do all those pregancy tests say you can test up to 4 days early!!!! I am so confused :(


Home pregnancy test are not 100% accurate. In case of pregnancy,HCG levels can change after few weeks and show positive .

If negative for 3-4 weeks ,not pregnant.

Doctor could not explain for my late period. Late period can happen even in healthy person.


Thanks Julia. I will wait until Friday and call my nurse again as she did say to call back if I haven't still started. My mind is a bit all over the place now as this hasn't happened before. I hate this whole process!! All I want is a baby 😢


I have been through this. You will get NHS midwife appointment only after your home test is positive. papaya can help for late period.


Typical when you want it to come it doesn't. Stress can do funny things to our bodies. HPTs are designed to be used from 1st day of a missed period. I missed a period and my GP wasn't bothered. I'm afraid that you'll have to wait to speak to your consultant.


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