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No Period and IVF


Hi All,

Firstly a lovely community you all have, im sure there are other guys here but let me say Hi!

I was hoping to try understand some info before I visit the doctors again for a referral for private IVF. Essentially my wife has not had a period for around 2/3 years, never really thought about it and to be honest other things were more pressing. Neither of us have kids and many years ago we failed on a IVF, many years ago after the transfer.

Recently she went to the docs who referred her to the Gyno about not having a period, possibly early menopause. They did bloods and said everything looked fine but suggested IVF to her, this made us think maybe we should try a private IVF.

We now have a appointment in August with the Gyno who we would need to talk to about completing the referral and it would be sent to Care UK to do the IVF.

As great as it sounds and it will be expensive I presume as the IVF costs are one thing, I assume medications are on top costs so looking around 4-5k plus medicine. But what I am unsure about is who deals with the fact she has not had a period, I guess the logic would be to give her medication to ovulate and produce mass eggs? Would this mean more expensive medications or is there a cheaper way to do it?

Apart from Care are there any other recomended clinics, the local NHS refer to care in Bucks.

Thank you for any advice in advance or anyting you suggest.

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Seems weird to me that bloods suggested everything looked fine, if she isn’t having periods then presumably she isn’t ovulating, and I would have thought they might have considered prescribing clomid to encourage ovulation before suggesting ivf. I don’t think they’ve given you enough information about why she isn’t having periods- clearly everything isn’t fine.

If she has a reasonable egg reserve then ivf should still have a good chance of working but why aren’t you eligible under the nhs?

A round of ivf with care cost us about £6000 all in.

Ivf might give you more answers as well.

I agree with Lizzie, they’ll probably start with Clomid to try and get a normal cycle returning and then if that doesn’t work move onto IVF. The way IVF essentially works is it shuts down your system for your normal hormones and then they give you hormones to produce eggs en mass. That’s the same whether or not she ovulates on her own or not. But yes, the meds are expensive and not usually included within the headline price. You should definitely see about getting an NHS round unless the one you had years ago was on the NHS and your area only allows one go. Did the round you had years ago give you any insight into what could have been causing it? How many eggs did you get and what sort of quality were they?

My gp did lots of tests but not an AMH test as it wasn’t a test that was done for free my gp said. We paid ourselves about £100. The AMH is the only test that will show your wife’s egg reserves. My hormone tests were all fine but my AMH was so low at 0.5. My periods are erratic and I can go for 40-55 days between. If you haven’t had that done maybe that would be a brilliant starting point and maybe give some answers. Good luck xx

Hello just wanted to say before having my 2nd round of ivf I hadn't had a period for 2 years either but my fertitly doctor just gave me norestherione to kick of my period.

Just to say, ignore all the people suggesting surrogacy, it’s clinic promotion from Eastern Europe not genuine posters.

They get on my nerves! I usually report them for spam!! 💙 Xx

I think they get on all our nerves, and are particularly active at the moment.

Hi all,

Thank you for all the great advise and thanks Lizzielizzielizzie for the heads up about the promoters, I have had a few DM's of the same content.

Ironically I had a call from the Nurse who has booked for us to see the Gyno again as I did ask about the bloods. Iniitally I was told they were fine, the Nurse had spoken to a doc as I asked for specific feedback about what the bloods said and what tests were done. She advised that she had high Estorgen and Low Hormon and the doc would be able to discuss. jupiter1234 Thanks for sharing your experiance, while shes a healthy body she does naturally eat not as much, I ve suggested she start having more fruit as she already eats lots of vegis. I think going by what Lynnr54 suggested it would be Clomid tablets to start so it makes sense as to why they may suggest IVF.

I think for now the best I can do is help her reset her body in some way shape or form which might help her have a natural period and in turn help her with the IVF as the body is more stable as oppose to wrong environment?

Thank you to everyone so far, would you think Clomid would be on the NHS prior or would this be part of the private IVF process? If anyone have any suggestions again you thank you in advance.

P.s a note for the promoters, as much as you may be offering a service, its ethically and morally wrong to try use a moment of weakness to try make a quick buck. Dont think I cant see througth your posts

Clomid should be available on the nhs if it is suitable for your wife.

You could try reading the book “it starts with the egg”.

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