Testing early... Do IVF drugs affect it?

Ok so I was bad on Monday and tested and got a negative and I didn't learn me lesson (patience has never been a virtue with me) I'm sure you ladies can relate? >//<

My true test date isn't til Friday but I tested just now and it's positive! Is that right? Is there such thing as a fake positive with all the drugs and stuff us IVf ladies go on or is this real? My embryo transfer was last Monday if that helps.

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  • What date is your OTD? X

  • This Friday, the 24th xxxx

  • Oooo exciting I would say you preggers then. Congratulations xxx

  • Oh really?! I hope it stays that way! Thank you :) just have to hope it'll stay stuck :)

  • Congratulations lovely πŸ’• wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy 😍 waiting is the worst thing about this situation! I still haven't mastered patience (nearly 5 years of ttc) ! πŸ˜‚ X

  • Thanks Jess!!! I know the waiting is awful with all the scenarios and what ifs that run through your head! After Friday I'll probably start worrying about it staying stuck until the scan so its never ending is it? Hopefully this time is our time. I hope your time comes soon too! Xx

  • Congrats hunny. My OTD is Friday too but haven't tested after getting my negative over the weekend. Did you get any symptoms because I don't have any. I got an runny tummy (tmi) and rang the clinic and they said I should be fine. I do get the odd twinge like a period pain but that is it!!

    I really wish you a happy pregnancy! Very happy for you!

  • Hi sunny! Test buddies! I hope you get your positive. I had a few days of diarrhoea last week, some cramping on and off (but not loads) and some bloating but no spotting or anything. Hopefully this is time for both of us! Good luck! Xxx

  • You have given me so much hope. Thank you so much. I will try really hard and wait till Friday. I hope it doesn't change for you Hun. Will let you know how it goes. Xxxx

  • Kitty this sounds VERY exciting!!! You won't settle until OTD so I'll wish you a cautious congratulations!!! x x x

  • Thank you :) you're right there really is no point in cheating because you will worry til the OTD anyway. And then worry about it until the scan too ;) never-ending. I cautiously thank you :) hope this is it this time..I'm sort of too scared to believe it xx

  • Hi KittyK. Keeping everything crossed that your test remains positive on Friday. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane!! I hope so! :) It feels hard to believe all our dreams might come true xx

  • Hi KittyK. I do hope so, then you get to meet your little "bean" at your first scan - how exciting will that be? Diane

  • Eeek this is exciting!! Fingers crossed for you and Sunny_skies for Friday. My is tomorrow and is a blood test... time is going so slowly!! Xx

  • Oh wow good luck for tomorrow Kat!!! All wishes and baby dust with you xx

  • Thanks lovely xx

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